Is online betting risky

GamblingLive betting at the Sports: Increased Addictive

There is always the risk of becoming dependent on betting. With live sports betting, however, the risk is particularly high - because so much happens in a short time.

In football, there is not much left that is not recorded in data. Which player runs how much and stays in which zone for how long is now one of the standard evaluations of every Bundesliga game.

What is simply interesting or entertaining for some has a completely different dimension for others - namely for those who like to make sports bets. Because the large amount of real-time data from a soccer game or other sports make it possible to bet live: Who will receive the next throw-in? Who will get the next yellow card? How many goals will be scored in the last 15 minutes of the game?

"We assume an increased risk of addiction in online live betting than in the offline area."
Tobias Hayer, University of Bremen, expert on problematic gambling behavior

There's always a live game going on somewhere in the world. If you want to bet at 10 a.m. in Germany when there is no soccer game, you can always switch to the Korean basketball league or a match between two Chinese badminton players.

This permanent availability of betting options and the fast feedback in live betting, whether you have won or lost, is risky: "Online betting, constant availability, being alone, paying cashless - all of this contributes to our increased risk of addiction than in the offline area, "says Tobias Hayer, researcher at the University of Bremen and an expert on problematic gambling behavior.

The biggest problem with live betting: the speed. Tobias Hayer speaks of a "high frequency of events". Or to put it another way: "That kicks more."

Sports betting industry is moving in the gray area

Although the risk of addiction in gambling is generally known and also in sports betting, there is currently no proper regulation. The industry is moving in the gray area, which has emerged over the years.

In 2012 the federal states agreed to grant licenses to 20 providers. Significantly more companies have applied, and some have not been given a chance. There was a lawsuit before the European Court of Justice, which ruled: The limitation to 20 providers is arbitrary, not sufficiently justified.

Since then, the federal states have not been able to agree on a new regulation. "Sports betting providers are only tolerated that long," says Daniel Haselbach from ARD-Radiorecherche Sport, "They don't have an official license." In 2020 there should be a new regulation for sports betting providers.

Bundesliga clubs make unauthorized advertising for games of chance

There are currently proceedings against seven clubs in the first and second Bundesliga due to illegal gambling advertising. Some clubs advertise sports betting providers, which in itself is not a problem. It becomes illegal if these betting companies offer classic games of chance such as blackjack or roulette in addition to sports betting. This - and advertising for it - is illegal in the opinion of the authorities.

"The most interesting thing for companies is how much money the players put in the sand. The last figure was one billion euros."
Daniel Haselbach, ARD radio research sports

Sports betting has become more popular over the past few years. According to the market research company Goldmedia, sports betting stakes in Germany totaled 8.8 billion euros in 2018. That is almost twice as much as four years earlier. The sum that the gamblers gamble: around one billion euros. So it's like in a casino - in the end the bank always wins.