What's your best beach selfie

10 people share their top tips for making sexy selfies

It sounds so easy: wake up, don't get dressed, pick up your cell phone and quickly snap a photo. In the age of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, there is tremendous pressure on young girls to demonstrate their best self-confidence and with outstretched arms Peer reviews to invite. Of course, there are a number of problems associated with chronic selfishness: you constantly take yourself out of social interaction, you have the need to be camera-ready at all times, you fabricate your virtual personality entirely on the basis of what you think is cool feels, and so on.
And the reality is that an effective sexy selfie - the kind you save in a secret album on your phone, upload to a private Instagram account, only let your closest friends see, or save yourself for sexting - actually requires a little finesse . You may have been bad at taking selfies with your frontal camera at first, but just as you had to find the right angle, poses and lighting, it takes a little practice to perfect the sexy selfie.
It's at least as much about what you don't want to show as what you want to show. And there are a few tricks that can help you snap a photo that looks just the way you want it to be. The real secret to perfect selfie sexiness is to make yourself feel hot while doing it. Because let's face it, sending someone photos can be fun, but the idea that a sexy selfie should be used to turn someone else on is absolutely old-fashioned.
And since we always stand behind the fact that you love yourself, take care of yourself and also be satisfied with yourself, we asked some of our favorite people from the sex positive community to share their sexy selfie tips with us (while they were showing some of the most beautiful Wearing lingerie trends of the season).