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Weather: While it is already spring in the south, Berlin continues to have winter

We have had a real Berlin picture-perfect winter weekend with snow that fell on Saturday night and, despite the sun, remained in many places until Sunday evening. Numerous capital city dwellers went out for a walk or even tobogganing on the hills in parks. That could still be possible next week, because while spring is still arriving in southwest Germany, it will be wintery in the northeast.

And so the weather service warns on Monday night directly of severe frost in Berlin and Brandenburg. Low temperatures down to minus 10 degrees are expected. In Brandenburg, even minus 12 degrees can be expected locally. As a result, slippery roads, bike paths and footpaths can also be expected.

During the day, the maximum temperatures on Monday should be between minus 2 and plus 1 degrees. There may be sunshine at times, especially in the mornings. According to the forecast, there will be local light snowfall or sleet in the evening from the Prignitz to the Fläming. Tuesday night shouldn't be that cold, the DWD expects temperatures down to minus 4 degrees. Drivers should still expect slipperiness.

There should be snow on Tuesday at the earliest, but in all likelihood it shouldn't stay long this time, as according to the DWD's 10-day trend, temperatures will rise a little on Wednesday. At the same time, the probability of precipitation increases, which will lead to rain or sleet - so an uncomfortable soup overall. After that, the temperatures in and around Berlin drop below freezing point again, when rain comes down from the sky towards the weekend, then again increasingly as snow.