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13 bitter foods that are good for us

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    Christina Hubbeling

Few of them like bitter-tasting foods. From a health point of view, however, it would be very important to consume more bitter substances again - not least, they help with weight loss.

Our sense of taste is completely set to sweet and salty. As a rule, we do not like bitter food, avoiding it whenever possible, which means that our senses are no longer used to bitter-tasting aromas. Bitter substances are very healthy and should be an integral part of our diet.

More beautiful skin

Because bitter food promotes digestion, regulates appetite and supports liver function. In addition, bitter substances have an anti-inflammatory, acid-regulating and cleansing effect in a natural way, which can have a positive effect on body weight and skin texture. Even those who regularly suffer from heartburn or digestive problems should make their diet more bitter. Bitter substances are either contained in the form of tannins, for example in green tea, or are found in foods as glucosinolates, also known as mustard oil glycosides.

Nature serves precisely

Especially in spring, nature offers us several interesting culinary options to supply the body with bitter substances in a tasty way and thus to detoxify it. For example with a salad made from rocket and dandelion, which is preferably mixed with a neutral leaf salad such as iceberg lettuce or lettuce to round off the taste. Artichokes on a dressing made from apple cider vinegar and cold-pressed olive oil are as tasty as they are healthy. Because artichokes contain a lot of filling fiber, have a dehydrating effect and stimulate the flow of bile. Cooking artichokes is very easy: remove the stem and the outer, hard leaves, simmer the artichoke in a large saucepan with water and the juice of 1–2 lemons, depending on the size, for around 35–40 minutes at a low temperature. Lift the artichoke out of the stock with the slotted spoon, pluck it leaf by leaf and dip into the dressing.

Drink a lot of tea

Bitter substances can of course also be consumed in liquid form. As mentioned before, by drinking green tea. An infusion of dried birch leaves and nettles is also ideal. It is advisable not to sweeten the tea in order to get the taste buds used to the bitter aroma.

13 foods with healthy bitter substances

Chicory (chicory)