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Stieg Larsson was a journalist and authorwho was primarily politically active. Born on August 15, 1954 in Skelleftehamn, his childhood began with a great disappointment. His parents were unable to adequately care for their young son. That is why he spent the first years of his life with his grandmother. When he was eight years old, his parents finally brought him home. A terrible traumatic experience from his youth led Stieg Larsson to develop into a person who used his entire life to help others and to point out grievances. His professional career began in a Swedish news agency, where he worked in the graphics department. However, he came to writing much later. The later author was very interested in the African Wars of Liberation and joined the guerrillas. The topic of right-wing extremism later became his very special area of ​​expertise. The writer wrote numerous publications on the subject and was considered one of the most important experts. The popular Swedish author passed away on November 9, 2004.

The Millennium Novels were published shortly after his death. Originally it was supposed to be a series of ten volumes. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Stieg Larsson left volumes one to three and three other exposés. His family members had originally decided against having them continue to be written by another author and also published. This would not have been in the writer's mind. The author received great international recognition for his series, which unfortunately he could no longer enjoy himself.

The first three volumes of the Millennium series clearly show that Stieg Larsson was a special author. He knew not to write long around it. He wrote simply, in short sentences, and with no frills. What some critics blamed him for, gained him a large fan base. Its main protagonists, journalist Mikael Blomqvist and investigator Lisbeth Salander make an excellent team. They get to the bottom of things that often require strong nerves on the part of the reader. The author is not afraid to present particularly cruel details and thus shows the depths of the human soul in an impressive way. The cases from the Millennium Trilogy are gripping, exciting and extraordinary. How successful it is is shown by the fact that the author received various awards for it posthumously.

Unfortunately, Stieg Larsson was unable to continue his series as planned. Due to the great success of the Millennium Trilogy, it was finally made into a film. Although there are some exposés and Volume Four was almost finished, there was no further publication for the time being. Later, the author's publisher decided to continue the series anyway. Author David Lagercrantz took over and continued the series from the fourth volume with the well-known main protagonists. This decision of the publisher not only caused positive reactions, but was approved by the relatives of Larssons.

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