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Pallas Athene - the Greek goddess of wisdom

The Greek goddess of wisdom Pallas Athene or Athena is the best known and most popular goddess of the ancient Greeks; the corresponding Roman goddess is called Minerva.

As her name Athena suggests, she is a specifically Greek goddess. The patron and city goddess of ancient Athens.

The goddess Pallas Athene is skillful, brave and prudent. Athena does everything for her Athenians.

Pallas Athene and Medusa

Likewise, Athena, often together with Hermes, is the most important companion and protective goddess of the great Greek heroes such as Achilles, Odysseus, Heracles, Perseus. Pallas Athene gives her Athenians the vital olive tree, also known as the olive tree.

With Medusa, the erotically powerful aspect of her divinity, however, Athena does not get along. Athena rejects the familiar Medusa when she (still one of her beautiful girlish companions) loses her virginity.

As if that wasn't enough, she turned Medusa into the gorgon monster she is known to us today.

Finally she sends the hero Perseus to kill Medusa and thus secure the Gorgon head as a highly effective weapon.
In addition, Athene has always got into trouble with Poseidon - the then lover of Medusa (and father of Pegasus).

As you can see, even the proud and extremely powerfully popular Pallas Athene is not perfect.

Name and surname of the goddess Athena

  • Athena, Athena, goddess Athena
  • Goddess Athena, Athene Parthenos, the "indefatigable", "invincible"
  • Parthénos "Virgin"
  • Pallas, the "strong one"
  • "The owl-eyed" (also sees in the dark)
  • Gorgophone (Gorgo slayer or the one with the terribly shining look)

Pallas Athene - the Greek goddess

  • Patron goddess of the city of Athens - even before the city rose to become the largest city in all of Greece.
  • Holy animal: the owl, also: snake
  • The well-known saying: "Carrying owls to Athens" refers to this Greek goddess.
  • Sacred plant: the olive tree
  • Athena can be recognized by: shield, spear, armor and golden armor
  • Typical for them: tools such as spindle, loom and pots

Pallas Athene - character

  • virgin goddess
  • cool clear mind
  • The term mentor (personal advisor) comes from the myths about Athena. She was the mentor of Odysseus.
  • independent, unbound
  • combative, skilled craftsmanship, tireless, strong
  • clear, lighter, incorruptible look
  • sometimes also: withering (radiant-eyed) look
  • The wisest Greek goddess was not only known for her wisdom, but also as a military leader: "bright-eyed Athena, the terrible, fierce military leader and invincible mistress, who pleases the noise of battle and wars and battles". (HESIOD, Theogony, 924ff.)

Pallas Athene - origin

The most famous Greek goddess was considered the favorite daughter of Zeus. She wasn't born of a woman. As the?

Because of course Athena also had a mother. But Zeus brought about the birth of Athena personally:

Athena sprang from the head of Zeus. And that's all done - as an adult Greek goddess with full armor. In her golden armor.

Incidentally, Hephaestus is said to have helped with the birth of Athena: He split Zeus' skull with an ax.

The mother of Athene was the Greek goddess Metis = "good advice". Metis was Zeus' first mistress.

Oracle of Gaia

Zeus fathered twins with Metis. During the pregnancy Zeus was proclaimed an ominous oracle by the two old gods Gaia and Uranus:

Metis will bear very bright children. The daughter of Metis would be of equal rank to him, Zeus. A son would overthrow him.

Then the god Zeus devoured the metis. In violent labor he gave birth to Athena herself from his head. Athene's brother remained unborn and nameless in Zeus.

Athena - adoration

  • Famous temples in Athens and other Greek cities are dedicated to Athena.
  • The most famous is the Acropolis in Athens.
  • Athena is the patron goddess of all cities that bore her mark (Palladion).
  • These cities have thus expressly placed themselves under their protection.
  • The olive tree was honored as their sacred plant.
  • The owl was honored as her sacred animal.
  • Athene is called upon as a protector in various life situations.
  • Prometheus asks Athena to breathe her wisdom into people. Athena does that too. She is therefore also revered as a teacher of the people.

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