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Facebook Dating: What can the new feature do?

Status: 10/22/2020 2:29 p.m.

After months of delays, the time has come: Facebook's dating function is coming to Germany. Users who create a profile should find each other there via common interests.

Looking for great love or the next flirt on Facebook - this has been possible for a long time in 20 countries around the world. In Europe, however, the planned launch of Facebook Dating was recently postponed due to privacy concerns. But now it should also start with us. The new function does not cost any money - but users pay with their data, because activities in the dating area are also used to personalize advertising.

Registration and Features: How Facebook Dating Works

Facebook Dating is a function within Facebook. So you don't have to download a separate app. However, everyone who wants to use Facebook Dating must explicitly register for it and create a dating profile. This is allowed from the age of 18.

The profile includes, among other things, a photo, your own Facebook first name and your place of residence. There is also the option of sharing Facebook or Instagram stories in your own dating profile. According to Facebook, users can decide for themselves whether users want to make their events and Facebook groups visible in the profile and receive suggestions for potential flirt partners in the corresponding events and groups.

After registration, Facebook suggests potential partners to you - based on your information, but also based on what Facebook knows about your interests and activities. Users can then decide whether they want to give a heart. If both sides give a heart, there is a match. The flirt partners can then - in line with the Corona time - get to know each other in a virtual date via video chat, for example. Unlike, for example, with Tinder, you can also write messages to other users without a match.

Facebook Dating: "Secret Crush" - Friends only see your profile if you want to

First of all, Facebook's dating world is designed in such a way that only strangers are suggested to each other. For friends of friends you can activate your profile if necessary. Direct Facebook friends, however, cannot see your dating profile - even if they also use the feature.

There is one exception, however: The "Secret Crush" function enables you to reveal to Facebook which of your Facebook or Instagram friends you are secretly raving about. The highlight of this function: Your counterpart will only find out if he or she also registers you as a secret swarm. Otherwise, according to Facebook, he never finds out about it. Users can add up to nine people to their "Secret Crush" list.

How safe is it to flirt on Facebook dating?

In order to make the flirt function safer, no photos or videos can be sent during conversations between users. Anyone can block or report another user. According to Facebook, attempts at fraud should be consistently prevented. The online network is also proactively checking profile pictures, for example, to ensure that there are no nude photos there.

Facebook Dating: What About Privacy?

Facebook emphasizes that Facebook Dating complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Shortly before Facebook postponed the launch of the flirt platform in Europe in February, the Irish data protection authority carried out an "inspection" of the online network in Dublin and collected documents in the process. Now documents have been submitted to the authority in advance - although Facebook is not obliged to do so, explains product manager Kate Orseth to the German press agency.

Orseth confirms, however: Facebook can also use data on activity in the dating area to personalize advertisements elsewhere on the online network's platform. It makes sense to think about whether you want to do this before registering. If you definitely want to take a look, there is good news by the way: According to Facebook, you can delete your dating profile at any time without your normal Facebook account being affected.

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