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This walkthrough was created with a played through game of Pokémon Sword as the basis. Since Pokémon on the armor island scale depending on the medals received, the levels are indicated with status as Champ. So they may differ from your progress.

A new adventure!


The Armor Island in Pokémon Sword and Shield is a new area away from the main game, which has a new nature zone and a quest series around the legendary Pokémon Dakuma. In order to be able to enter the island at all, it is necessary to enter the nature zone for the first time in the main game, which is reached after one to two hours of play. The island can then be dialed through Brassbury train station.

If we have purchased the expansion pass, we will promptly receive the armor pass when starting the game, which gives us access to the new armor island. At Brassbury train station we immediately select the new location and, after a short train ride, fly to the island in the Krarmor taxi.

There we are immediately greeted by a professor who upgrades our Rotomdex so that local Pokémon on the armor island are displayed and cataloged in their own Dex. After we have left the building, Sophora in Pokémon Sword and Saverio in Pokémon Shield are a familiar face from Brassbury train station when a Galar Flegmon appeared there some time ago. Since they have been training in the dojo at home for a long time, they introduce themselves as our mentors. Even if we can't quite believe it, they challenge us to fight.

Trainer in this field

Pokémon trainer Sophora
Toxiped (level 58), Galar Flegmon (Level 60)
Pokémon trainer Saverio
Abra (level 58), Galar Flegmon (Level 60)

Annotation: From now on, only Sophora is mentioned as a character in the walkthrough. If you play Pokémon Shield, it is Saverio, so text deviations may occur.

After we defeat Sophora, she gives us the style card, which now gives us more choices of clothes and hairstyles in boutiques and hairdressing salons. She also tells us to stay away from the dojo and rather explore the island. Then she runs away.

Smart as we are, we don't give a damn on her advice and run after her to the dojo in the greeting area, where she is talking to the lady of the house Enia. Sophora claims that we left on our own and are not interested in the dojo. Fortunately, we can clear up the misunderstanding and expose Sophora's lie. Enia now invites us in, but not before Sophora has shown her dislike for us again.

Once inside, we get a glimpse of the inner workings of the dojo. Enia greets us again and a little boy joins us. He introduces himself as Hortensio and gives us the EP pin that gives the team Pokémon more experience. Then he disappears back into his room and Enia introduces us to the dojo master Mastrich. After a few more or less good word games (he'll drop them more often), he too welcomes us and asks us to fight a Pokémon battle. Of course we are happy to agree!

Trainer in this field

Dojo Master Mastrich
Lin-Fu (level 61), Sheinux (level 61)

After the victory, Mastrich gives us a dojo set, which we put on immediately and are therefore dressed to match the other dojo students. He explains to us that we have reached the maximum number of students and that the training can start. More precisely, it is about three exams that the students should complete in order to receive the secret armor at the end. He does not reveal what it is about, but Sophora intervenes that, despite her longer presence than us, she still has not received a dojo set. When Mastrich wants to give her a set, it is stolen by three nimble Galar-Flegmon. After the first great confusion and the already piled Flegmon, Mastrich explains that the first task is to defeat these three Flegmon and, by the way, to regain Sophora's dojo set.

So we leave the dojo and see how the Flegmon are heading towards the balsam swamp. As soon as we get there, we see three conspicuous clouds of dust that are moving around quickly. These are the Flegmon. Either you try to catch up with them on your bike or you stand in a place where the Flegmon pass and wait for them to do a lap. Then they should automatically run into you.

After successfully completing the task, we return to the dojo and are congratulated by Mastrich that we have defeated all three Flegmon. According to him, no one has managed that since Delion, who was also here once in the dojo. Most of the other students also passed.

Before we go to the second test, we can choose between a Bulbasaur and a Schiggy, both of which were raised in the dojo and should enrich our team. Both Pokémon are capable of Gigantamaxing when they evolve to the last stage, but we are only allowed to choose one.

The second test is to cook Dyna soup. For this we need three Dyna mushrooms, which can be recognized by their red color and the vertebrae. Mastrich does not tell us the exact whereabouts yet, but we receive five pieces of armor ore, which we can exchange for 18 brand new attacks from the newly added attack helper in the dojo. However, teaching a Pokémon one of these attacks costs five ores. At the moment, think carefully about whether you are already investing the ores or would rather wait a little longer.

We leave the dojo and Mastrich accompanies us for a while. He tells us that Dyna mushrooms normally thrive in the focus forest, but that they have been eaten up by a greedy gang of Schlaraffel ratzeputz. However, it could be possible that some mushrooms could still grow a little further away in the warm-up tunnel. So let's go!

In the tunnel we quickly find three Dyna mushrooms, all of which also grow in the same place. Before we can take them, however, Sophora appears and asks us to leave the mushrooms to her. Since we naturally do not put up with that, she challenges us to fight.

Trainer in this field

Pokémon trainer Sophora
Galar Flegmon (level 62), Smogon (level 62), Rollum (level 63)
Pokémon trainer Saverio
Galar Flegmon (level 62), Kadabra (level 63), Fleknoil (level 62)

After a glorious victory, Sophora disappears and we can now pick the Dyna mushrooms in peace. Then Enia calls us, asks how we are and tells us that we are currently the only ones who have found Dyna mushrooms. Back at the dojo, Mastrich congratulates us on finding the mushrooms. However, before we can cook the Dyna soup, Sophora also returns with mushrooms, so that she has now passed as the second person. At their request, their own mushrooms can be cooked so that the three mushrooms fall into our hands for a later meal.

When consuming it, Mastrich advises us that with the Dyna soup, Pokémon that have the potential for gigadynamic maximization can now receive this ability. For each Pokémon the ingredients, three Dyna mushrooms, have to be searched for in the focus forest and the caves. So you can decide whether you want to keep the mushrooms for the time being or use them for a Pokémon with potential for gigantamaximization. This could be Gortrom, Liberlo or Intelleon, for example, who were given this option with the Armaments Island.

Mastrich then asks us to come to his room, where Sophora is already waiting. He tells us that only the two of us are left, that we are now coming to the third test: a Pokémon fight that will be fought on the battlefield behind the dojo. There is an energy source for Dynamax energy there, so that we can fall back on the Dynamax function during the fight.

We immediately go to the battlefield where Sophora is waiting. Mastrich is the referee while Enia and other students watch from the side. The fight starts and Sophora explains that the field is covered with poisonous spikes, which poisons all of our Pokémon when they enter the field. Nasty!

Trainer in this field

Pokémon trainer Sophora
Pionskora (level 65), Galarian smogmog (level 66), Rollum (level 66), Galar Lahmus (Level 67, Dynamax),
Pokémon trainer Saverio
Galar Ponita (level 65), Kadabra (level 66), Fletiamo (level 66), Galar Lahmus (Level 67, Dynamax),

After the fight, Sophora is devastated and admits that she cheated to win. She gave everything and is thinking of giving up her dream of being an arena manager, which means that she doesn't care if we reveal her trick to Mastrich. However, we refuse and are then praised by Mastrich for our strength not only to pay attention to Pokémon, but also to our opponents. He offers Sophora to stay in the dojo, but as a punishment she has to look after the Pokémon for a year. She agrees and before we go back to the dojo, she gives us her league card.

Since we have now also completed the third test, Mastrich gives us the secret armor. It is the legendary Pokémon Dakuma, which shows its abilities in a cutscene, but also shows that it is shyly hiding from us. Mastrich explains to us that it is very strong, but has little self-confidence and that we should therefore train with him. He suggests that we should first visit some beautiful viewpoints on the armaments island with Dakuma in order to build a mutual friendship.

From this point on it is now possible to take the first Pokémon on the team for a walk in the nature zone on the armor island. This is not possible in the nature zone of the main game. The function can be deactivated for the boy with the Pikachu costume in the left room of the dojo.

With Dakuma as a team, we are now visiting four different places on the armor island: The ring bay, the combatant grotto, the desert basin and the path of the test to the tower of the dark. There is always a student of the dojo who invites us to enjoy the view. (Note: When playing, it was very amusing, especially in the desert basin with sandstorm weather.)

Upon successful completion, we will get back to Mastrich in the dojo, who will now tell us about Dakuma's proper training. This is supposed to take place in one of the towers of the two fists: Either in the blue water tower in the west or in the red light tower in the east of the island. There are five trainers waiting for us on five floors, whom we have to fight alone with Dakuma. Since we can only take on the challenge in one tower, we can now choose between the two.

For this solution, we opted for the tower of the dark. Before entering the tower, a dojo student advises us that Dakuma's level should be around level 70 before entering the tower. Of course it is also possible to go in at a lower level, but since the upcoming Pokémon are between level 65 and 70, it is a good idea to use some XP candy at Dakuma, unless you want to train it otherwise. Once inside, we cannot leave the building prematurely.

As soon as we have entered the tower, we can already challenge the first four coaches.

Trainer in this field

Tower of Darkness

Student of the master's dojo
Zorua (level 65)
Student of the master's dojo
Zurrokex (Level 66)
Student of the master's dojo
Iscalar (Level 67)
Student of the master's dojo
Rokkaiman (level 68)

Tower of water

Student of the master's dojo
Enton (level 65)
Student of the master's dojo
Krabby (Level 66)
Students of the master's dojo
Marill (level 67)
Student of the master's dojo
Quaputzi (level 68)

Upon entering the fifth and last level, we notice that Mastrich is already waiting for us. What a surprise, he is the fifth trainer and thus the final exam for this tower.

Trainer in this field

Dojo Master Mastrich
Dakuma (level 70)

After the fight, Mastrich said that his best student Delion also tried this training, but couldn't even find the tower due to his poor sense of direction. Then he asks us to go to the scroll with Dakuma. It studies this diligently and then it develops into Wulaosu. Upon completion of the Tower of Darkness, it has the Focused Style and learns Dark Hits; at the Tower of Water, it has the Flowing Style and learns torrent of hits.

Afterwards Mastrich ponders how the initially shy Dakuma developed in the course of the training and now appears much more self-confident. Mastrich gives us his league card and then we are brought back to the dojo.

If you have completed the main game, you will receive an additional story quest. In the dojo, Mastrich is talking to Hop, who came to Armaments Island to research the Dynamax phenomenon. Mastrich tells us that Wulaosu is capable of gigadynamax, but can't stand the mushrooms in Dyna soup. That's why we need another item that he only knows has something to do with a certain Pokémon.

Hop tells us that Wulaosu live in a remote region on the mountains and like viscous honey. Accordingly, he suggests that we go to the Focus Forest and find nectar from the resident Plant Pokémon.

When he arrives at the focus forest, Hop says that Sania is currently doing research in a cold snowy area, but doesn't go into that. Since Dressella and Knapfel live in the focus forest, we should take a look at these Pokémon first. After walking a few steps we meet a young Lilminip who is probably looking for his mother. Since it stays with Hop, we have to do this job. Near the second wooden bridge in the forest we also find a Dressella, which also looks quite lost and we have to accompany Lilminip. Just make sure it doesn't get stuck on a wall as you go ahead.

Back at Hop, Dressella thanks you with a little thin honey, which unfortunately is not the right ingredient. So our next destination is a Knapfel, which we will find on the right path when seen from the entrance to the forest. However, Knapfel flees from us to a nearby berry tree and finally falls on our head when we go near the tree. Although it is running away again, we already have the necessary nectar in our hair! As Hop notes, however, it's not even nectar, but more like juice. As a Toxiped crawls by, he remembers that they make a viscous poison and he comes up with the saving idea that nectar only turns into honey when Pokémon are processed! That can only mean one thing: No, not wool, but wadribie and honey wedge! We find them on Honeycomb Island in the northwest of Armaments Island.

Hop is already waiting for us there and says that his energy source detector is knocking out on the big tree. We shake the tree with our superhuman strength and a dynamo-maximized honeysuckle attacks us. We can fight this fight alone with our full team. If we win, we receive a honeycomb Dyna honey, which we can now use for Wulaosu's Dyna soup, provided we still have three Dyna mushrooms.

Back at the dojo, Mastrich is amazed that we found the honey without help. At first a little shocked that he knew all along, he offers us one last fight against him on the field behind the dojo. Wulaosu is not a requirement for this fight, but of course you can take it with you into the fight.

Trainer in this field

Dojo Master Mastrich
Wie-Shu (Level 73),
Luxtra (level 73),
Krarmor (level 74),
Grandiras (level 75),
Wolwerock (level 75),
Gigantamax Wulaosu (Flowing Style) (Level 75) or
Gigantamax Wulaosu (Focused Style) (Level 75)

After the victory, we receive Mastrich's rare league card and are congratulated by him, Enia and the other students. Sophora joins them too, but only says that she will win the next fight. We say we win, of course, and she's annoyed that we're almost as bad of a character as her. This concludes the story on the armor island.

Finally, there are a few things to be found on the armor island that deserve a mention.

  • With the conclusion of the story, the focus sparring is now activated in the dojo, in which you can only compete with a team of a certain Pokémon type.
  • At the entrance to the desert depression we meet Sophora again, who is training with her Flegmon after her defeat in the dojo. She is shocked that we are watching her, but gives us her rare league card. Then she runs away and leaves a perplexed Flegmon behind.
  • There is an NPC at the armaments station who gives us a W x F x P set to wear for 3,000 Pokédollars. It shows the first three partner Pokémon from the Galar region.
  • The professor who upgraded our Rotom-Dex can also be found at the armaments station. We can have the armament dex assessed with her. You can find an overview of this here.
  • An NPC in the back left in the main room of the dojo gives us a t-shirt with Sophora in sword and Saverio in shield.
  • Hortensio gives us a Porygon in the right room of the dojo after the victory against Mastrich.
  • For 500 watts, Hortensio's Urglmator can be repaired, which can now recycle items. Among other things, rare items and apricoco balls can be obtained here.
  • For a certain number of watts, Enia orders useful things in the dojo, such as a hairdresser, a Rotomina PC, vending machines and much more.
  • 151 Alola Digda hiding in the ground can be found across the Armor Island. Various Pokémon from the Alola region are waving as a reward. You can find all information here.
  • There is a woman near the dojo who is changing our bike design to white or black. Did Reshiram and Zekrom serve as models for these designs?
  • Mr. and Mrs. Buddel are on Armor Island! While Mr. Buddel is digging up Watts for seven pieces of armor ore, Mrs. Buddel is digging for more armor ore for a piece of armor ore that she would normally give us as a present. Be sure to stop early because if her shovel breaks, the ores are all hers.
  • Finally, you still have the opportunity to explore the new natural zone and catch all Pokémon. Have lots of fun with it!