How do I stop the deportation

Apprentices and children on leaked list for Kabul deportations

Vienna - Hossein K. (21) is an apprentice in the Deaconess Hospital Schladming. There he is doing well, according to the Protestant Diakonie. Nothing stands in the way of a positive completion of his training.

K. came to Austria as a refugee, but his asylum application was rejected, also in the appeal before the Federal Administrative Court. So he filed a complaint with the Constitutional Court (VfGH). Experience has shown that in such a case it does not take long to decide whether the Supreme Court will postpone its final expulsion or not.

High court decision not awaited

Nevertheless, K.'s name is on a list of Afghan citizens who are apparently to be deported to Kabul on Tuesday - including a note that there are valid entry documents for him to Afghanistan. In his case, the Aliens Police are not prepared to wait for the imminent VfGH decision.

The fact that K. is one of those young asylum seekers who were able to start an apprenticeship in Austria and who meanwhile also the ÖVP is advocating for them to stay until they complete their training does not hinder the will to deport.

Moser: "Endangers basic rights"

"Here the authorities create facts by deporting them before the courts have decided. That endangers basic rights and is not in the interests of our constitution," says Maria Katharina Moser, director of the Diakonie.

The human rights spokeswoman for the Neos, Stephanie Krisper, criticizes the procedure as "disrespect before the highest courts" and as "ignorance of the rule of law".

Entry documents for all 154

The leaked list mentioned above is causing great excitement among Afghan communities, refugee workers and asylum experts. 154 people are noted on nine pages, with their names, date of birth and gender. There are valid entry documents to Afghanistan for everyone. The paper available in the STANDARD also shows that it is a list of people for a return to Afghanistan on Wednesday.

145 of those listed are to be brought to Kabul from Austria, five from Hungary, three from Bulgaria and one from Slovenia.

One and a half year old with me

The fact that, according to the list, there are five families with young children among the people to be removed from Austria is particularly criticized. The youngest is a one and a half year old girl who is apparently to be sent back to Afghanistan with a brother and two other male relatives.

A minor traveling alone by name and date of birth also appears in the directory. Refugee aid workers also said on Sunday that Afghans with mental illnesses had been arrested in the past few days.

Krisper: "Deportation stop"

So far Austria has reportedly refrained from returning under 18-year-olds and women with children to the country that has been affected by attacks by the Taliban. On Sunday, Krisper called for a "ban on deportation to Afghanistan, especially for children".

According to informants, the deportation flight on Tuesday will be carried out by the European border and coast guard Frontex. This was not confirmed there on a STANDARD request.

Ministry of the Interior: No mass deportation planned

The Ministry of the Interior said that a deportation in a size corresponding to the list was not planned. Not a complaint lodged with the highest court, but only a granted suspensive effect will stop the deportation. Children, the sick and other vulnerable people would be medically checked for their fitness to fly before departure. (Irene Brickner, September 2, 2019)