Are shorts considered pants

Dream interpretation of shorts

Shorts are shorts that reach just below the knee and are mainly worn in our summer vacation or in our free time. In Australia or New Zealand, however, they are part of everyday clothing. And on Bermudas, the home of the flowery patterned Bermuda shorts, they are even worn with a shirt and jacket at work.

Swimming shorts are very popular these days, but not allowed in all swimming pools. Boxer shorts, the generously cut underpants for men, are widespread. A special form of shorts are the hot pants, which have been fashionable again and again in various modifications since the 1970s.

Someone who dreams of shorts may be looking forward to a vacation by the sea or a relaxing weekend in the garden at home. It is important for the dream interpretation whether the wearing of the shorts in the dream takes place in the appropriate framework.

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Dream symbol "shorts" - the general interpretation

The dream symbol "shorts" is in the dream interpretation an expression of self-perception and self-portrayal. The dreaming deals evidently with the question, which Signals he sends out.

If you turn up in a dream in shorts at a festive event, you will certainly find this inappropriate. The question is then how the dreaming feels this unadjustment. Does he consciously stand out from his surroundings in order to emphasize his individuality, or is he afraid of not being socially acceptable?

In addition, shorts as a dream symbol can also draw attention to the fact that the dreaming is more recreation and should allow time for private pleasure. Shorts can also be a sign in the interpretation of dreams for the readiness or the need of the dreaming to open up and to show a playful, youthful attitude.

Dream symbol "shorts" - the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol "shorts" stands for protection against exposure, but also for sexuality. A pair of pants covers the sex and can give hints in the dream on the attitude of the dreaming to own sexuality. If the shorts are particularly tight, this can be a sign in the dream interpretation that you are physically constricted feels and cannot live out his needs.

The dream symbol can, however, also mean that the dreaming affirms his body, because the tighter the shorts, the more it stands out. If the shorts are worn as swimming trunks in a dream, the dream symbol illustrates the erotic self-expression. The lush fabric, the wide and long cut of the pants suggest that the dreaming is not looking for too direct skin contact, but also not completely distancing himself.

A reference to the personality of the dreaming is indicated in the dream symbol "shorts" if the item of clothing in the dream is boxer shorts or hot pants. In that case, the pants reveal a lot of bare skin, they only cover that Most intimate. In dream interpretation, the fact that despite all openness, a small part remains hidden, begs the question of what one would like to hide from other people.

Possibly the dreaming wants to hide a character trait which he unconsciously perceives as a flaw. Or he is afraid that a weakness will be exposed that could expose him. In the dream interpretation, the dream symbol "shorts" indicates that the dreaming is on the whole, however, at peace with his personality.

Dream symbol "shorts" - the spiritual interpretation

The nakedness makes the person vulnerable, the shorts cover at least part of the nakedness. In the dream interpretation, the dream symbol embodies "shorts" on the transcendent level spiritual protection. In addition, as a fashionable item of clothing, it is a reminder not to be too attached to external, material things.