What is new Islamic psychology

In life there are always challenges and crises. Allah(ta'ala) continually subjects the believers to new tests. In some crises and in some challenges you need advice, help, support. As brothers and sisters in Islam, we are there for you in such situations, we listen to you, we give you help and advice. Even if the way is long, such as with serious illnesses or the loss of a loved one, we will accompany you. With the support of your Iman you will gain clarity, orientation and find ways out of the crisis. Advice for Muslims comes from Muslims.

The consultation is carried out over the phone, our online platform or WhatsApp call.

In recent years we have successfully looked after many siblings in this way.

Important information! #

Islamic psychological counseling and Islamic pastoral care are not therapy or curative treatment.

In the case of mental illnesses or disorders with an illness value, please contact a specialist doctor or clinic.

MuslimCoach is not a public or non-profit pastoral care service and unfortunately cannot offer any immediate help.

For urgent matters, emergencies, suicidal ideation and acute psychological problems, please contact a doctor you trust,

In the event of acute (suicide) danger, call 112 or go to the emergency department of a clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy.

There are help offers where you can report anonymously and free of charge:

- Telephone counseling: 0800-1110111 or 0800-1110222 (you can also chat anonymously at www.telefonseelsorge.de)

- The Muslim pastoral care phone on 030 44 35 09 821 mutes.de

- Info phone Depression 0800 3344533

- Telephone number for children and young people against Kummer: 116111

(Consultation times at www.nummergegenkummer.de)


Fast, free initial consultations with therapists can be arranged at 116 117.

In all conversations that we have with you, confidentiality and discretion are the top priorities.

We work with you on the basis of Islamic values ​​and in compliance with Islamic rules in combination with methods from personal coaching, behavioral psychology and psychological intervention.

As Islamic psychological counselors, we are also available to hospitals, hospices, care facilities and institutes as counselors and pastors.

If you have Muslim patients or relatives who need a contact person of the same faith or your staff has questions about dealing with Muslims, we look forward to being at your and your patients' disposal if necessary. Just contact ...