Can you name three environmentally friendly companies

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Conclusion: The boundaries are fluid

Since the awareness and thus also the demand for sustainability in society is increasing sharply, the pressure on companies and their business activities to meet these demands is steadily increasing. This means that they tend to be tempted to “wash their products green”.

This creates minor or even serious cheating that deceives consumers. But don't forget: Committing to social, ecological and economic approaches and doing everything right is a major challenge for companies. Nevertheless, companies should and must try to use the topic of sustainability not only as a marketing calling card, but also to live it as well as possible in their business activities.

Find your own middle ground and focus on sustainability topics that are particularly close to your heart. Do your own research on the manufacturing processes, carbon footprints and sustainability goals of the companies you plan to invest in. Always obtain independent information such as from independent rating agencies. And don't be afraid to ask.

Hopefully with this article you can now make slightly better decisions. Would you like to find out more about sustainable investment? Also read our article «You want to invest sustainably? You have to know that ».