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GCSE website 'In German' | Photo: © Julana Chondrasch

When we started working on our website “Auf Deutsch”, we were very pleased with the positive feedback on our already existing A-Level website, which we received in 2011 as part of a survey among teachers. These were a strong incentive for us to design a website for German learners that should be suitable for all language levels and especially for GCSE graduates. Trips to Berlin followed, audio and video files had to be recorded, articles had to be written, and due to the lack of authentic materials for young language students, we had to strike a balance between authenticity and accessibility for young learners. It was particularly important to us that the site should be relevant for young people and motivate them to deal with the content. The students should perceive the learning process as a pleasant activity and not as a compulsory exam preparation. Young people whose exams are still a long way off should also enjoy the German side when they read articles on interesting topics, watch videos or listen to audio files.

In view of the fact that we are constantly developing the site, especially with numerous current topics and other content relevant to the GCSE exam, we would be very happy to receive your suggestions, whether in the form of feedback or in the form of topic suggestions or Ideas for exercises, etc. Of course, we would be very grateful if you would recommend the site to your students and use it regularly in German classes.

Instructions for the website
Instructions for the website 'In German'

Here you will also find the Word files for the transcripts of the video content on the site:

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