Which unsaturated hydrocarbon has 4 carbon atoms?

Understand chemistry 4, workbook

33 Raw materials and their responsible use 1. Pure carbon occurs in nature as,, or. 2. Carbon atoms have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (“bond arms”). A carbon atom can therefore take up hydrogen atoms. The simplest hydrocarbon has the molecular formula and is called. 3. What's right? Saturated hydrocarbons are called alkanes, alkenes or alkynes. Saturated hydrocarbons are called alkanes. Unsaturated hydrocarbons are called alkenes or alkynes. Butane is a hydrocarbon with C – C single bonds. Unsaturated hydrocarbons contain too little hydrogen. Alkenes have C – C single bonds. Alkynes have C C triple bonds. Ethyne has C = C double bonds. When burning, alkynes soot more than alkanes. Alkanes cause more soot when burning than alkenes. Ethan is an alkene. 4. Natural gas mainly contains methane. Which exhaust gases come from the flames of the gas stove? + 2 O 2 CO 2 + 2 methane + + 5. Hydrocarbons have names that describe the appearance of the hydrocarbon molecules. Use the provided code to solve the following tasks. The main syllable indicates the number of carbon atoms in the molecule: Meth- 1 C Prop- 3 C Pent- 5 C Hept- 7 C Non- 9 C Eth- 2 C But- 4 C Hex- 6 C Oct- 8 C Dec- 10 C The suffix indicates whether there are double or triple bonds in the carbon chain: -on only single bonds C – C -in a triple bond CC -en a double bond C = C What are the names of these hydrocarbons? Draw the structural formulas of hexane, propyne, and butene. (straight chain, only one double or triple bond) 6. In the Eisriesenwelt in the Tennengebirge, “carbide lamps” are given out to visitors. Using the drawing, describe how these lamps work. W1 W1 W1 W1 W1, W3, S1 H H C H H H C H H C H H C H H C H C H H H C C H H C H H H C H H C H H C H H C H H H H C C H C Water calcium carbide level ethyne W1, W3, E2  Textbook pages 66–67 Hydrocarbons, property of the publisher, alkanes, alkenes only

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