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Animal names: 110 suggestions & 4 + 7 tips for choosing a name

Almost 38 percent of the population in Germany have a pet, and the number is even higher for families with children. Every single animal needs a suitable name. In the following you will find out what you should pay attention to and which animal names are particularly suitable.

Pets contribute significantly to a better quality of life. For example, they can prevent a feeling of loneliness. Children in particular enjoy the new playmates. By caring for the animals, they also learn to take responsibility. In order for the animal to become a full family member, it should have an appropriate name. We give tips on choosing a name and have examples of different animal species.

Pets take time

Pets take time

Just like every child, every pet has their own needs and needs attention and care. Dogs, for example, need a lot of it, hamsters less. However, not everyone has enough time and motivation, to take good care of an animal. Before you buy it, find out what you need to look out for when caring for it, what needs the animal has and how much time it will cost you. Then think about how and whether you can cope with this expenditure of time in your everyday life and which pet is best for you. Tips for better time management can be found here.

Tips on naming

Whether young or old, an animal can significantly improve a person's quality of life. More than a quarter of the German population has a pet. The five most popular pets are:

  1. Cats
  2. dogs
  3. Small animals
  4. Ornamental birds
  5. fishes

Of course, the name you come up with for your pet should always match the species, breed, gender, appearance and character. We have some naming tips for you.

Allow enough time

Allow enough time

It is very important that you come up with a name as early as possible, especially with dogs and cats. You can raise these animals to a certain extent and bind them to you. They also listen to their nickname. So if you wait too long with the naming, this can be associated with some disadvantages in education. Therefore, start looking for a name in good time. You can create a list for this and expand it over time and ultimately minimize it until only a few names remain.

The more you know about your animal, the easier it will be for you to search for a name. Considering Animal species, breed, appearance, gender and character (as far as you can already assess this), you can make an extensive list of names that you like.

Choose something regardless of age

If you have your pet at a particularly young age, it is important not to be too distracted by it. While it makes sense to give your pet a name that relates to its size and cute appearance, keep in mind that your pet will get older and probably bigger too. So choose a name that is as timeless as possible and fits every phase of your pet's life.

Choose short names rather than long ones

A rather short name is suitable for many animals. Of course, this also depends on the species. In the case of hamsters and guinea pigs, the length of the name is rather irrelevant. But Short names are particularly suitable for dogs, cats and pet birds often better than long. This enables the animals to respond better to your calls as these names are easier for them to learn and understand.

Find a compromise between short and long

Finding a compromise between short and long

Maybe you just can't decide between two names. Or do you like a particularly long name. In principle, you always have the option of officially giving your animal a long name, but always addressing it with a short nickname. For example, you could officially name your animal “Leopold”, but use “Leo” as the first name.

Orientation aids for choosing a name

In addition to these tips, there are also a few other factors that go into your name choice that can make it a lot easier. They are used as a guide in case you just can't decide on a name. The following points can help you in this case.


This is probably the most obvious trait to refer to when giving a name. Your pet may have a special one Color or some other external characteristicthat stands out? Then names like "Caramel" or "Locke" are particularly suitable. Don't be afraid to get in foreign languages ​​and cultures to give the name an interesting twist (example: “Koru” is Japanese and means “black”).

Fictional characters

Characters from film and books

Perhaps your animal is characterized by its indolence, playfulness or cleverness. If you get this to a Character remembered from a movie or book, that is also a good idea for a name.

For example "Garfield" (after the hangover whose favorite pastime is sleeping and eating) is suitable for a particularly lazy hangover or "Sherlock" (clever detective from the Sherlock Holmes novels) for a particularly intelligent dog. But you may also miss other animals Films or books ones that are similar in character to your pet. Examples would be “Findus” for a cat (after “Petterson and Findus”) or “Idefix” for a dog (after the comic series “Asterix and Obelix”).

Or maybe you like a certain film character so much that you want to name your pet after him without the two having similar character traits.

Human names

Sometimes names that are actually more common with people are also suitable. Names like "Lucy", "Carlo" or "Amy" are also often typical for pets. You can also take into account the meaning of the names in order to select them even more appropriately. You can find out more about the meaning of girl names here, and you can read more about the meaning of boy names here.

Exceptional own creations

When choosing a name, be open to New creations. You can get creative yourself. Do you like two names particularly well and can't decide? Just combine them and maybe you get something you like even better. New creations have a lot to offer high recognition value and are unique. If this is particularly important to you, this may be just the thing for you.

Other animal species

Even if it seems strange to you, you can also contact the remaining wildlife orientate yourself and name your animal after a different species. You can rely on, among other things Look and character of your animal. You can also look around in other languages. For example, the name “tiger” is suitable for a cat with stripes. For example, you can call a dog “wolf” or use the Spanish word for wolf, “Lopo”, as a name.

Historical figures

Historical figures: statue of the Roman general Julius Caesar

The names of historical characters are also suitable for your pets. "Caesar" after the Roman general, "Cleopatra" after the Egyptian Queen or "Elizabeth" after the Queen of Great Britain are good ideas for animal names.

With historical figures, however, always make sure that you are aware of all the deeds of this person, good and bad, adequately informed are. After all, you don't want to give your pet a name that actually has a rather negative connotation.

Funny animal names

Also a funny animal name can be a great option. This can refer to the appearance or certain characteristics of your pet, but it can also be just a joke. Calling a black male “Yellow” would be an example here.

tip: Make sure the joke is obvious and that outsiders don't have to think twice. The funny animal name should also not slip into tasteless or simply degraded.

Suggested names for your pet

In the following lists we present you a small selection of names for the four most popular animals in German households. We followed the tips given earlier and were inspired by the human and animal world, film and book characters as well as other languages ​​and historical personalities. If you are looking for a name for your horse, you will find a comprehensive selection here.

20 cat names

Below are 20 names for your cat or hangover. Of course, these are only suggestions, not limitations. The following names are suitable for different characters and breeds of cats. More cat names can be found here.

Cat names


  • Lilly
  • Kitty
  • Daisy (English for "daisies")
  • chamomile
  • tiger
  • Cinnamon (English for "cinnamon")
  • Cleopatra (Egyptian Queen)
  • Snow White (fairy tale character)
  • Paw
  • Bastet (Egyptian cat goddess)


  • Leo
  • Nico
  • Cassiel
  • Simba (Lion from Disney's "The Lion King")
  • Amigo (Spanish for "friend")
  • Felix (Latin for "happy")
  • Shakespeare (English playwright and poet from the 16th / 17th centuries)
  • Marius
  • Lassie
  • Blanco (Spanish for "white")

20 dog names

In the following you will find a small selection of dog names that you can use as a guide when choosing a name for your dog. If this list is too short for you, you can find more dog names here. In this case, too, we've kept the list so that there is something for every character and race. You can get tips on dog training here.


Dog names

  • flora
  • Gina
  • Bee / bees
  • Lola
  • Avelina (French for "bird")
  • Sissi (after Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie, Empress of Austria, Apostolic Queen of Hungary)
  • Lillifee (based on the fairy from the children's book series “Lillifee”)
  • noodle
  • Aurelie (French for "the golden one")
  • (Lady) Diana (after the former Crown Princess of Great Britain)


  • Buddy
  • Bruno
  • Marley (after the reggae singer Bob Marley)
  • Mowgli (based on the main character of the story "The Jungle Book")
  • Perro (Spanish for "dog")
  • Milan (Slavic for “nice, dear”)
  • Confucius (after the Chinese philosopher)
  • Cookie
  • King (English for "King")
  • Burrito

20 names for hamsters, rabbits and Co.

Small animals such as rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs are also particularly popular pets for children or people with little time. Because they require little attention and care. If you don't like any of our suggestions, you may find a suitable name for your small animal in this list of children's names.


Names for hamsters, rabbits and Co.

  • Snowball
  • Coco
  • Brownie
  • Charlie
  • Mira (Finnish for "the wonderful one")
  • Evelyn
  • Yuna (Japanese for "moon")
  • Wuschel
  • Louanne (French for "the shining one")
  • Flakes


  • Einstein (after the physicist Albert Einstein)
  • Fabian
  • Frankenstein (based on the main character of the novel of the same name)
  • Caraway seed
  • Willy
  • Nudge (based on the nursery rhyme "Nudge, the little Easter bunny")
  • Leif
  • Dumbledore (wizard from the novel series "Harry Potter")
  • Mindouk
  • Muksi

20 bird names

Ornamental birds are also popular pets - the fourth most popular in Germany. They are family animals and should therefore always be kept in groups. Therefore, you will likely need more than just a bird name. If you cannot find suitable bird names below, you can find out more names and their meanings in our article on baby names.


Bird names for budgies, canaries and Co.

  • kiwi
  • Lucy
  • Tweety
  • Cindy
  • Moana (Hawaiian for "ocean")
  • Zoe
  • Hannelore (from old German)
  • Victoria (after the English Queen)
  • Sydney (city in Australia)
  • Alma (Spanish for "soul")


  • Akira
  • Noah
  • Hans / Hänschen
  • Koko
  • Beethoven (after Ludwig van Beethoven, important German composer)
  • Maximilian (Latin for "very tall, the greatest")
  • Aladdin (character from the Arab fairy tale world)
  • Flori
  • Odin (Germanic god who could turn into a bird)
  • Miro (Old Slavic for "prince")

10 names of famous animals

Names of famous animals

Not only humans but also animals can make headlines - be it on the Internet, in the film world or in space. Below are ten names of famous animals:

  • Bo and Sunny (Obama family dogs)
  • Sam (cat who managed to survive on three shipwrecks in WWII)
  • Grumpy Cat (cat who became an internet phenomenon because of the expression on their face)
  • Laika (first dog in space)
  • Ham (astronaut chimpanzee)
  • Dolly (the first cloned mammal)
  • Choupette (cat of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld)
  • Congo (chimpanzee by the artist Desmond Morris who painted about 400 pictures)
  • Kaiko (trained orca who starred in the films "Free Willy I, II and II")
  • Bao Bao (panda and crowd favorite at the Berlin Zoo)

20 animal names from fiction

Not only are there famous animals in real life, but also in fiction. For example, an animal can play the role of a supporting character in the film. But this is also often the case in books (example: Pippi Longstocking's monkey "Herr Nilsson"). In fact, they often take the lead in comics or cartoons. In the following you will find a total of 20 examples of animals from television, books and co .:


  • Findus (Petterson and Findus)
  • Garfield (Garfield Comics)
  • New Years Eve (Bugs Bunny)
  • Tom (Tom and Jerry)
  • Marie (Aristocats)


  • Snoopy (peanuts)
  • Blitzer (Shaun the Sheep)
  • Pluto and Goofy (Minnie Mouse)
  • Idefix (Asterix and Obelix)
  • Timmy (Five Friends)


  • Tweety (Bugs Bunny)
  • Zazu (Lion King)
  • Daffy Duck (Bugs Bunny)
  • Woodstock (Peanuts)
  • Bibo (Sesame Street)

Small animals:

  • Rizzo (Muppet Show)
  • Jerry (Tom and Jerry)
  • Alvin, Simon, Theodore (The Chipmunks)
  • March Hare (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Judy Hops (zoomania)
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