What are some underrated handguns

Five underrated weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone

As updates and seasons come and go, the meta of all multiplayer games shifts one way and the other. It is a constantly changing animal.

After the debacle that launched the first season of the Cold War with the DMR and Akimbo Diamatti madness, a kind of calm inundated Verdansk. While the Mac-10 is still number one, the AMAX (along with a few others) is making a comeback.

However, here we introduce some guns that are rarely seen among gamers, and while you are not the top of the meta, you are more than capable of making profits and naming them with these firearms.

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War 6

(Image: Activision)

When I first looked through my first experimental batch of choice after adding to the Cold War weapons list, I noticed the Krig 6 for two reasons: its solid and rounded statistic, and its physical resemblance to the OG Black Ops assault rifle, the Galil (which was itself one of the best weapons in its class in the game).

So far it has served me very well in the much smaller and narrower corners of the Island of Rebirth map as opposed to the vast Verdansk landscape (I made a conscious effort to stay away from the fictional city until the DMR was fixed), but recently after that ventured back into the Castovian environment and continued its goals just as efficiently.

I recommend using the following attachments:

  • Agency suppressor
  • 19.7 ”takedown barrel
  • Bruiser grip
  • Salvo 50 Round Fast Mag
  • Snake wrap

The Agency Suppressor is the equivalent of Modern Warfare's Monolithic Suppressor, making it the standard for virtually every weapon. It takes you off the minimap when you shoot, but has the tradeoff that you only lose small damage range and projectile speed. I personally prefer the takedown barrel, but the ranger barrel is just as good.

Having more bullets in a magazine is almost always beneficial, and the Salvo 50 Fast Mag has several pluses while adding only slightly to ADS time. However, if you take the Serpent Wrap, you can make up for this disadvantage.

Finally, the Bruiser grip seems like an odd choice, but currently the attachment doesn't work as intended on assault rifles, reducing vertical and horizontal recoil more than the Field Agent grip.

A little side note: I can get by with the Krig's iron sights, but it can offend some. So swap out the Serpent Wrap for something like the Axial Arms 3x visor for more range / visibility.


(Image: Activision)

In short, the bullfrog is exactly what the PP19 Bizon from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare wants.

With the Mac-10 dominating the submachine gun class and most of the meta (at least for now), it's easy to be blinded by its insane rate of fire and quick time to kill, and no longer familiar with other weapons in the category. With its earlier incarnation becoming irrelevant thanks to weapons like the MP5 and MP7, the Cold War and its numerous attachments make the bullfrog a viable choice.

Use the following attachments to help determine if the bullfrog suits your play style:

  • GRU suppressor
  • 7.6 inch rifle barrel
  • Almost Mag
  • Spetsnaz Grip
  • Snake wrap

This combination of extras allows the bullfrog to knock down targets and keep you easily on your feet. The Fast Mag is used over the other taller round magazines because the Bullfrog's starting clip size actually hits pretty hard, unlike the Bizon. The weapon is ideal for solos and duos, especially in urban and narrow areas such as the promenade, downtown, the warehouse city and the hospital.


(Image: Activision)

In the days of Call of Duty 4, the M16 shredded people up to their torsos and above in a single full blow. It's not quite as powerful coming back from the Cold War, but it still has a punch big enough to have a loadout slot in one of your available ten.

To be in the Tactical Rifle category means that the M16 was completely overshadowed by the madness of the DMR and Type 63 for the first few weeks of the new season. After both weapons have been (somewhat) appropriately refined, the M16 can unfold its effect. Try this class setup:

  • Agency silencers
  • 16.3 ”titanium
  • Raider pad
  • Volley 60 round mag
  • Axial arms 3x

The M16 can knock down an enemy in two quick blows to the torso, and its rate of fire (thanks to the Titanium Barrel) allows it to knock players to the ground before they even know what happened. However, if the damage is greater, go for the 20.5-inch match-grade keg or the Task Force keg. The M16's iron sights obscure much of your peripheral vision, and the Axial rifle scope is (in my opinion) the version of Cold War's VLK rifle scope that addresses this issue.


(Image: Activision)

Similar to the Krig 6, there doesn't seem to be a solid reason why the QBZ hasn't been picked up by more players. The FFAR has become a quick favorite with most players because of its high damage and lethal rate of fire. Hence, unless something changes drastically, people are most likely to stick with it. However, the QBZ cannot be sniffed at.

The QBZ-83 is a good all-round assault rifle that will serve you well in any setting or on any part of the map. A good starting load for this weapon is the following:

  • Agency suppressor
  • 16.5 inch ranger barrel
  • Bruiser grip
  • Axial arms 3x
  • Stanag 60 round drum

The weapon has a slightly higher time to kill than other weapons in its class, but for players who have a harder time controlling recoil and want a weapon that shoots directly and true, the QBZ is a really good choice. If you want to pack more strength, you can swap the Ranger for the Task Force's barrel. However, this presents you with more of a challenge with continuous fire.

KSP .45

(Image: Activision)

The idea of ​​a burst fire SMG sounds pretty strange as the main strength of a submachine gun is usually rate of fire, with reducing range compared to assault rifles generally being the tradeoff. Nevertheless, the KSP can absolutely destroy people if it is put together correctly despite its unusual architecture.

First off, I would recommend pairing this with a sniper rifle like the HDR or the LW3 Tundra or something with reasonable range in a class where overkill is active as it will be difficult to fight gun fights over 50m. However, if you are primarily into solos and want to be in tight areas like downtown and superstore, you can use that as part of a ghost loadout.

Try setting up this burst fire SMG as follows:

  • Agency suppressor
  • 10.5 inch task force
  • Field Agent Foregrip
  • Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Salve 48 Round Fast Mag

The iron visors on this SMG are fantastically clean and just as neat, if not more, than the MP7, so optics are never really needed. The Task Force Barrel gives you some welcome damage and an increase in projectile velocity. While it increases recoil, the burst nature means this isn't as big of an issue as it normally would be.

Ingesting the Field Agent Grip practically negates this increase in recoil as well. The Serpent Wrap can also be exchanged for the Airborne if you prefer to speed up your shooting movement.

Be a KSP in a lobby full of Mac-10s.