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News from the Bremen Aviation Authority

Bundestag - Committee on Transport and Digital Infrastructure makes recommendations for a resolution on national drone regulation

06.05.2021 - The Committee on Transport and Digital Infrastructure of the Bundestag issued its recommendation for a resolution on the federal government's draft law on the adaptation of national drone regulation on May 5, 2021. The criticism of the draft law and the subsequent negotiations by the federal states have had an impact: the law has been defused in favor of remote pilots and made more practical. FURTHER

The U-Space is getting closer

29.04.2021 - With the implementation regulation (EU) 2021/664 and 2021/666 amending the SERA implementation regulation (EU) 923/2012, the EU Commission has created a basis for the implementation of U-Space for drones. With effect from January 26, 2023, U-Space airspaces can be designated and therefore, according to SERA.6005, manned aircraft in U-Space must be electronically recognizable. The implementation of the U-Space in aviation is therefore getting closer. FURTHER

New NfL for recording flight times for pilots

16.04.2021 - Due to the legal changes associated with the introduction of the Gliding and Ballooning Ordinance, the principles for recording pilots' flight times have been updated with NfL 2212-21. Electronic flight bookkeeping for private pilots is not yet provided for with this update and will come with the next update at the earliest. Further information can be found in the linked NfL. DOWNLOAD

EASA publishes guidelines for type testing of drones in the special category

12.04.2021 - EASA has published guidelines for the type testing of drones that are operated in the special category with a risk of class SAIL III or IV. The responsible aviation authorities are required to request such a type test of the drone by EASA in these risk classes before issuing an operating license. The drone used is assessed in relation to the risk assessment carried out and the applicant's operating concept. FURTHER

New general ruling for student pilots: inside

01.04.2021 - Due to the ongoing corona situation, another general decree was issued on April 1st to extend deadlines for student pilots: inside training. In particular, the deadlines for theory exams will be extended. DOWNLOAD

Crediting of UL hours for the extension of the class rating

01.04.2021 - With the latest changes, take-offs and landings as well as flight hours that were undertaken on air sports equipment (UL) can now be credited in the area part FCL / SFCL. For this, the UL must have the same characteristics as the aircraft of the rating to be extended. The refresher training continues on the respective Part-FCL entitlement. The link takes you to the EASA's Easy Access Rules. FURTHER

1002nd Federal Council meeting - draft law on the operation of unmanned aircraft

29.03.2021 - In its 1002nd session on March 26, 2021, the Federal Council issued an opinion on the federal government's draft law on the operation of unmanned aircraft. Fortunately, Bremen's applications found a majority. The submitted draft for the new version of the air traffic regulations as well as the jurisdiction regulation between the federal government and the states over a 25kg take-off mass limit were rejected by the majority by the states. Please see the link for more information.


EASA Safety Information Bulletin regarding COVID-19 vaccinations

26.03.2021 - EASA has issued a safety notice regarding the effect of vaccination against COVID-19 on the status of the medical certificate for pilots: inside. A 48-hour suspension of all flight crew activities must be observed after vaccination. We ask for your attention. DOWNLOAD

New general ruling for student pilots: inside

11.02.2021 - Due to the ongoing corona situation, another general decree was issued to extend deadlines for flight students in training. In particular, the deadlines for theory exams will be extended. DOWNLOAD

Transitional recognition of national certificates of knowledge in the area of ​​UAS

01.12.2020 - The table for the transitional recognition of national certificates of knowledge was presented at the last Bund-Länder-AG. This table regulates the recognition of national knowledge on the basis of Articles 21 and 22 of the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947. From December 31, 2020, the European operating regulations and thus also the new competence requirements will apply. DOWNLOAD

New general decree of the DFS for drone flights in control zones

30.11.2020 - On December 1, 2020, the previous NfL-1-1197-17 will be repealed and NfL-1-2077-20 will be a new general order from Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS) to issue air traffic control clearances for drone flights within the control zone. Find out about the new regulations. DOWNLOAD

AIS portal optimized for mobile devices

19.10.2020 - Try out the current AIS portal to make flight plans easier and more convenient and to carry out your flight preparation. Two short explanatory videos make it easy to get started. FURTHER

EASA Safety Review 2020

31.07.2020 - EASA has published the annual safety review 2020 for the year 2019. Here you get an overview of the most common causes of accidents in civil and commercial aviation. Fly safe. FURTHER

FAQs EASA drone regulations

22.07.2020 - EASA has published an FAQ section for the new European drone regulations on its website. Find out about the most important requirements that will apply from December 31, 2020. FURTHER

No air traffic control clearance for drones in the vicinity of the airport

01.07.2020 - The German Air Traffic Control (DFS) will not issue any air traffic control clearances for drones within 1.5 km of Bremen Airport until further notice. This also applies to applications that have already been approved. If you have any questions, please contact DFS directly. FURTHER

General decree to extend pilot rights due to the corona pandemic

25.03.2020 - The current corona pandemic has led to the closure of facilities and the restriction of freedom of movement. For many pilots, this leads to expiring deadlines, validity dates or non-fulfillment of the exercise requirements for authorizations. For this reason, the Bremen Aviation Authority has issued a general decree to mitigate the consequences of this pandemic, which you can download here. FURTHER

Drone ascents - DFS online portal

14.10.2019 - DFS has activated a new online portal for applying for air traffic control clearances for drone ascents. Even if you use the general ruling in Bremen, you need a provisional air traffic control clearance within the control zone over 50m as well as within the vicinity of the airport. This should be requested in writing at least 10 working days before the planned operation via the online portal. FURTHER

Do you already know DroneRules.eu?

13.09.2019 - DroneRules.eu is a site supported by the European Commission which aims to offer easy access to the drone law of the individual member states. The site offers interesting information material (e.g. data protection guidelines, insurance checklist, etc.) and pictographically prepares national drone law. It also offers an outlook on European law. It's worth taking a look. FURTHER

GA Roadmap 2.0 - Update 2019 - safer and cheaper

01.04.2019 - In 2015, the General Aviation (GA) Roadmap was introduced by EASA for the first time. This should lead to deregulation in the area of ​​general aviation (simpler - lighter - better). Following the Security Conference 2018 in Vienna, the GA roadmap will be updated with the expanded goal of "safer and cheaper". Stay up to date for future developments.

Continuous flight experience (90-day rule) in accordance with FCL.060

08.03.2018 - According to FCL.060, passengers may only be transported in aircraft (except balloons) if at least 3 take-offs and landings have taken place in an aircraft of the same type / class in the last 90 days. This requirement can also be met in the "DUAL" role, e.g. in the context of a test flight or refresher training. However, it is recommended to do the take-offs and landings as "PIC" (SOLO) in order to gain the necessary self-confidence. DOWNLOAD