Whose heart did you break and how

You broke her heart and changed her forever

You came into her life even though she hadn't asked for it. As the song says, you came like a wrecking ball and wreaked havoc on their lives.

You doomed her to fall and that's exactly what she did. She expected you to catch her, but you never got yourself up to it.

She expected you to take care of her, but instead you let her break into a thousand pieces.

You made her think that you would always be there for her. You made her think you were going to fall out with her, but you just let her do it on her own.

You made her think of so many possibilities. You definitely gave her hope.

You made her dream of a life full of love and everlasting happiness with you. You've said and done so many things that made her think that you would always and absolutely be there for her.

And yet you didn't do it. You weren't there for her. You never really did anything to add substance to the things you said to her.

You made her fall so in love with you that she made you her everything.

But then you treated her like she was nothing. She made you her priority and you just viewed her as another expendable option in your life.

You made her believe that you loved her more than any human being could love another person. You made her think that you were serious about making this woman the absolute love of your life.

You gave her so many signs that indicated that you wanted to bond with her forever and ever. And yet you failed in that regard. You didn't deliver any of these things.

You just let her down. You made her wait for nothing. There was nothing honest, truthful, or authentic about you.

Everything you've ever done or said was built on a bed of lies. And now she pays the price as you roam free and unharmed.

She was already so comfortable opening up to you. She was already open to the idea of ​​simply letting you into her life in a very intimate capacity. And you accepted the offer. You took advantage of all the trust she gave you.

She opened the doors of her heart to you and she let you in. But what did you do You left it in ruins when you finished. You came into someone's home and broke everything. Then you left as if you hadn't destroyed someone else's life.

You walked as if what you did was small and insignificant. Why did you do that? What did you do that for

The only thing this girl ever wanted was a man who would love her the way she thought she deserved to be so loved.

She always just wanted to feel the love she saw in films. She just wanted her own fairy tale. She wanted a sample of what true love is.

She didn't go out to hurt anyone. She wasn't selfish. She wasn't mean. She just wanted to feel the love she was so willing to give to another person in return.

All she really wanted was to feel the butterflies in her stomach and the skipped heartbeat.

She just wanted a man who would love her with all of his heart. And she thought that you would be that man to her. She believed that if she gave you her heart that you would treat it with the utmost care, love and respect.

She thought if she let you in you would just embody all kinds of magic and spell in her life. But you did the exact opposite. You did exactly what she was afraid you would do.

You broke it and now it's changed forever.

She is no longer the same hopeful and optimistic girl you once met and lied to.

It will be bent, broken, cynical, and a little damaged because of all of your antics.

And even if you think you don't mind that much right now, it will. One day you will realize that a girl like her is hard to find.

You will find that a woman like her is one in a million. And there is no way you will ever find someone like her.

And even if she is the one who is feeling pain and feeling hurt right now, you are the one who will still regret not treating her well.

She will become the girl that haunts you forever. She will forever be the girl you missed out on for being too blind to see how good you were