Who is the best fairy in Zelda


In "Breath of the Wild" there is Great fairieswho have favourited Upgrade Clothing, and Little fairieswho have favourited fill hearts in an emergency. There is also a Horse godwho can resuscitate dead horses.

Great fairies

There are 4 Great Fairies in the game. The job of these fairies is to upgrade and strengthen armor. To activate a fairy, Link has to give them 100, 500, 1000 and 10000 rubies in the order in which they were activated, for a total of 11600 rubies. In addition, the fairies demand the right materials for every improvement.


In principle, all the materials Link can collect will be needed by the fairies at some point. Therefore, materials should only be sold if there is a large surplus or if there is an acute lack of money.

Fit carrots grow in the immediate vicinity of all the great fairies. These should be harvested with every visit, as Link can create a dish from 5 fit carrots, which when taken fills all stamina containers and also adds 2 yellow stamina circles. In addition, this dish has a retail value of 420 rubies and is therefore well suited for ruby ​​procurement.

Mahlon, the horse god

Mahlon is a modification of the Great Fairies. Instead of upgrading armor, he is able to bring back to life the last horse killed. 1000 rubies are required to activate it.

Little fairies

If Link goes to a big fairy and has less than 3 small trapped fees in his pockets, 3 to 4 of the smaller siblings appear in front of the big fairy's pool. These can then be caught as usual after sneaking up on them. Occasionally Link finds little fairies under stones, which he lifts.

If Link dies and has at least one little fairy in her pocket, the fairy will sacrifice herself fully automatically and fill Link's heart container with up to 5 hearts. "Miphas prayer" has a similar effect.


With a trick Link can get up to 11 little fairies. As mentioned above, Link can have a maximum of 2 fairies in his pocket for new fairies to appear. If you are now at the fairy pool and take the fairies in your hand so that the limit of 3 is not reached, then 4 new fairies appear immediately. Now Link puts the fairies back in his pocket and catches the new fairies.

Even more fairies are possible if Link releases them beforehand and catches them again later.

Distribution of the great fairies

The following map shows the distribution of the Great Fairies in the game world. Tower, place

List of locations