How effective is student volunteering?

Volunteer teaching in Guatemala

Education for a better future

Not every child in Guatemala can go to school and many of them do not even finish primary school. Children from socially disadvantaged families in particular are disadvantaged by the costs that a school education requires. Projects in the field of teaching are committed to ensuring that more children in Guatemala have access to education, and thus better prospects for the future. In addition to classic school subjects, topics such as hygiene, horticulture, children's rights or family planning can also be taught in these projects.

Your commitment as a volunteer

Possible project positions and areas of activity

Volunteers are welcome to get involved in social projects for children and teenagers and to support local educational opportunities. Places of use are for example Kindergartens and day care centers, but also Funding projects for street children or for children with disabilities. As a volunteer, you will teach English, math or art, help the children with their homework or develop creative ideas for their leisure time, for example in a school Afternoon care.

You should bring that with you

Good prerequisites for this work are of course enjoying working with children and good ones Knowledge of Spanishto be able to interact effectively with your students. You should be well versed in the subject you want to teach and be willing to pass your knowledge on to children. Voluntary work in this area will give you responsible tasks, but will also often make you laugh and enable you and the kids to have a formative intercultural exchange.