Where can I find local CrossFit competitions

CrossFit competition

CrossFit as a sport, that is CrossFit competition. There are now a lot of small and large CrossFit competitions with different orientations.

From the small internal box competition (e.g. Icke Wills Wissen) to large, internationally oriented CrossFit events such as the French Throwdown, currently the largest CrossFit competition in Europe or of course our in-house Berlin Throwdown.

The largest and best-known CrossFit competition are of course the annual CrossFit Games (part of which were, for example, the CrossFit Regionals Berlin, in the year before last), in which the cremé de la cremé of our sport is spread over several days and shows what it is human body is able to perform.

The first CrossFit competition

Do you train at CrossFit Icke and want to take part in a CrossFit competition?

Just to see where you stand, to feel the adrenaline and the indescribable feeling of giving everything in a team or alone in front of an audience? Or to experience how this situation inspires you and how you grow beyond yourself and set up new PRs and feel like Xenia, Serena Williams and Katrin Davidsdottir or Hercules, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rich Froning ... at least for a brief moment? And of course to experience the camaraderie between the athletes for themselves. Something that is only found in a few other sports like CrossFit.

CrossFit Competition Friendship between athletes

CrossFit Competition Friendship Between AthletesNo Problem! At Icke, "Everything is possible, nothing has to be done!"

As a rule, our Ickes contact us when they want to compete.

There are no chosen ones who are allowed to represent us at CrossFit competitions, while everyone else is doomed to watch.

We are happy about everyone who puts on the Icke shirt and wants to represent us at a competition. No matter how big the competition, no matter how well known, no matter how you rank!

If you want to compete, we would like to support you.

What do I have to do to take part in CrossFit competitions?

The best thing to do is to contact us and together we will look for a competition that is appropriate for your level.

Most CrossFit competitions now also have scaled and intermediate divisions, as the interest in the community is so great.

In this respect, the selection is quite large. In order to make your first impression and your experience as positive as possible, there are usually other factors to consider. Above all, the professional organization, the venue and the field play a role here.

Training for a CrossFit competition

Again, it makes sense for you to talk to us. If you want to compete in your first competition, you don't suddenly have to start following a "crass program" from the Internet, just because some CrossFit size swears to have gone to the games only because of this program.

The programming at CrossFit Icke is definitely sufficient to get you fit for the first CrossFit competition.

If there are particular weaknesses, we have great tools in our tool case with our Open Gym Programming and the special courses in weightlifting & bodyweight to work with you on your weaknesses and to prepare you for more advanced competitions.

CrossFit competition Berlin Throwdown

Would you like to take part in a CrossFit competition?

Are you a jerk and you feel like doing a CrossFit competition but have no idea how? Talk to us in the box!

By the way, you can find a good overview of competitions in Europe at: http://wodevents.eu/

Are you a Icke and already have competition experience and need help with your programming or are you looking for a team partner or the best next competition? Talk to us! If you're looking for a competitive CrossFit training program, Time To Peak is sure to be the program for you. By the way, you can test this for 14 days for free.

Stay strong, Icke strong!

Your team Icke

Here you will find some of our training options: WOD’s, gymnastics, yoga or weightlifting. Personal training in Berlin can also be a good addition to competition preparation.