What are some sentence examples with declination

N-declension nouns

Mr. Elkart shows the customeren all cleaned areas.

Some nouns are declined according to a special pattern. They have the ending in the accusative, dative, genitive and plural - (e) n. That is why this form of declination is called n declination.


Nominativethe customerthe customern
accusativethe customernthe customern
dativethe customernthe customern
Genitiveof the customernthe customern


Almost all nouns that are declined in this way are masculine. Mostly there are words that describe people (e.g. occupation or nationality) or animals. The only noun that is not masculine and still belongs to the n-declension is the heart.


the gentleman: Mr. Elkart shows Mr.n Hellmann the cleaned carpet.

The colleague: Nina asks her colleagueenwhether she's doing everything right.

the specialist: The company is looking for a specialisten for building cleaning.

Many of these nouns have the ending -e, -ent, -ant, -is, -oge or -at.