What is a kenit in the bible


Praise the Creator

1041Praise the Lord, my soul!

Lord my God, you are very tall;

you are dressed in majesty and splendor.

2Light is your dress that you wear.

You spread the sky like a tent;

3you build your rooms in Genesis 1: 6-8
over the waters.

You drive on the clouds like on a car

and Ps 18: 10-12
so come on the wings of the wind,

4who make winds to be your messengers

and flames of fire for your servants; Heb 1: 7

5who founded the earth on solid ground,

that it does not waver ever and ever. Mt 24:35
Rev 21: 1

6The tide of the deep covered it like a dress,

and the waters stood over the mountains,

7but from your scolding they fled,

they drove before your thunder.

8They climbed high on the mountains

and sank down into the valleys to the place that you founded for them.

9You have Job 38: 8-11
Prov 8.29
set a limit, they can't get over it

and are not allowed to cover the ground again.

10You make wells well up in the valleys,

that they flow between the mountains,

11that all the animals of the field drink

and the wild asses quench their thirst.

12Above it sit the birds of the sky

and sing in the branches.

13You water the mountains from above

you make the land full of the fruits that you create. 104:13 Another translation: "The earth will be satisfied with the fruit of your works".

14You grow grass for the cattle

and seeds for the benefit of men,

that you bring bread out of the earth,

15that wine may delight the heart of man

and his face shine with the oil

and let the bread strengthen the heart of man.

16The trees of the Lord are full of sap

the cedars of Lebanon that he planted.

17That is where the birds nest

and the storks live in the treetops.

18The high mountains give refuge to the ibex

and the crevices to the cliff badger.

19You made the moon to part the year after;

Ps 74:16
the sun knows its fall.

20You make darkness so that night will come;

all the animals of the forest stir,

21the young lions roaring for prey

and ask of God for their food.

22But when the sun comes up, they lift off

and lie down in their caves.

23Then the person goes out to work

and his work until evening.

24Lord, how great and many are your works!

You have arranged them all wisely, and the earth is full of your goods. Moses 1:31

25There's the sea that's so big and wide

there are no numbers, large and small animals.

26Ships move there;

there's the leviatan you made to play with

27Ps 145.15-16
Everything is waiting for you

to give them food in due season.

28When you give to them, they collect;

if you open your hand, they will be satisfied with good.

29If you hide your face, they are frightened;

if you take away their breath, they will pass away and Genesis 3:19
become dust again.

30You send from your breath, this is how they are created,

and you make the face of the earth new.

31May the Lord's glory endure forever,

may the Lord rejoice in his works!

32He looks at the earth and it trembles;

he touches the mountains, so they smoke.

33I want to sing to the Lord all my life

and praise my god while I am.

34May my speech please him.

I rejoice in the Lord.

35The sinners shall come to an end on earth /

and no longer be the wicked.

Praise the Lord, my soul! Hallelujah!