When will Fear the Walking Dead be resumed?

"Fear the Walking Dead": Season 6 of the Amazon Prime series is in production cessation


In "Fear the Walking Dead", Morgan Jones first has to put down his fighting stick. Season 6 of the "The Walking Dead" spin-off, which is broadcast in this country on Amazon Prime Video, is currently pausing production. You can find out the background at Netzwelt.

The AMC series "Fear the Walking Dead" has also reached fear about the corona virus. The "The Walking Dead" spin-off, which is available for streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in Germany, has to take a break, like many other series and films. This is intended to contain the spread of the virus and protect the cast and crew. Shooting is expected to resume on April 13, according to the US magazine Deadline.

Actually, the production of the sixth season of FTWD should be finished in early summer 2020. With almost a month's stop on filming, the start date of the new episodes could be postponed further into the future.

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