Is WhatsApp safe to use

WhatsApp: Not just pure chat pleasure

Spam and unsolicited contact

WhatsApp can only be used to contact someone whose number you know. However, it is possible that an unknown person makes contact - for example if your own mobile phone number has been passed on via social media or in messages, which is strongly discouraged. The number can also be hacked.

Often users also receive spam, which refers to supposedly new functions of the app and invites them to click on a link. If you click on this link, you will find a subscription from a third-party provider on your next phone bill. The third-party provider assumes that a subscription contract was concluded by clicking on the link and asserts its claim via the mobile phone bill. On the other hand, consumers can object to their mobile phone provider and also to a third-party provider and refuse to pay the amount. If the invoice is collected by direct debit, you can have the money returned to your bank within eight weeks and transfer the correspondingly reduced amount to the provider.

To protect themselves from subscription traps, users can set up a third-party block. All you need to do is send an informal application to the mobile operator. The block is free and the providers are legally obliged to set it up. On request, some providers also allow partial blocking for certain numbers or services. The block prevents the mobile phone number of the smartphone from being transmitted to the third-party provider, so that the third-party provider has no way of making claims.