When would Swifto expand outside of NYC?

That the American K-pop-Fans For political hustle and bustle worry - first they hijacked a Twitter hashtag used by racists, then sabotaged a Trump rally in such a way that the president spoke in front of a half-empty hall - one could have seen it coming, says T.K. Park. Instead, large parts of the public reacted with complete overstrain and sheer ignorance of the matter. But where does this come from high level of online competence especially in this less political segment of pop culture? On the one hand, we learn that in the USA, many black young people actually listen to this music and that Media-Hacking Part of everyday life: "Being a fan of a hip K-Pop group demands more than, say, a Taylor Swift fan ... Every K-Pop band comes with a number of ready-made labels for the fans: Nicknames for the supporters (BTS has its 'Army', Blackpink calls it Blinks), colors (the color of NCT is 'pearly neo-champagne'), hymns and slogans. Each fan base demands its respective supporters coordinated actions to support their stars, such as calling radio stations en masse, requesting a certain song, or arranging streaming of certain pieces at a certain time - all to improve the stars' chart position. In order to polish up the image of their stars, the fan clubs organize fundraising calls and other voluntary services on their behalf. The important thing is that all of these activities are coming without prominent persons or hierarchies out. Rather, they unfold horizontal through real-time communication on social networks. The bottom line is that there is one participatory experience of pop culture. A K-pop fan group doesn't just love their stars for their music, looks or choreography, although these are all often necessary requirements. The most committed K-Pop fans cultivate their time and energy in favor of their stars Feeling of togetherness to their stars and, more importantly, to each other. As a collective, the fan group shapes the idol's path to becoming a star - the success of the idol is also the success of the fans. "