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Why is the best?

Namecheap was founded in 2000. From 2000 to 2020, Namecheap served 10 million domain names. In the web hosting and domain registration company market, Namecheap is very trustworthy and cheap. It is known as an independent ICANN certified domain registrar company. Namecheap claims to be easy to use and the cheapest web hosting and domain registrar in the world.
There are many reasons that Namecheap is one of the most trusted and best domain registrar and web hosting companies out there. Today will review Namecheap's services and we will also explain the advantages and disadvantages of Namecheap to you.

Features of

Best Domain Name Services:

New domain registration

Would you like to get a new domain name for your website? Confused about choosing a good domain name? You can register with a perfect domain name using Namecheap's domain search function.

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Domain transfer

Would you like to transfer your domain to Namecheap? Yes, it is a good choice and you can save your money on domain renewals. You also get a free one-year registration with Namecheap.

Click hereto transfer your domain to Namecheap.


Do you know you can buy and sell a domain at Namecheap?
Yes, you can buy a domain of your choice from Namecheap and sell your own domain to Namecheap. It's the best marketplace for buying and selling domains.

Best web hosting features:

Shared hosting

Namecheap offers a shared hosting plan to its customers. You get a 99.97% availability guarantee and a free SSL certificate. You can also install 100+ apps with just one click. Shared hosting plans start at $ 2.88 for a month ($ 9.88 for the year).

50% off 1st yr shared hosting!

Reseller hosting

You can host many of your own websites and become a reseller through Namecheap's reseller hosting plan. Namecheap has many features with its reseller hosting plan like unmeasured D + GB bandwidth, free cPanel and reseller tools, etc.

There are three reseller hosting plans from Namecheap:

  • Fog ($ 16.88 / month)
  • Galaxy Expert ($ 26.88 / month)
  • Universe Pro ($ 36.88 / month).

VPS hosting

Namecheap also offers its customers a VPS hosting feature. With the VPS hosting plan, you get a lot of good features like full root access, SSD storage, 99.9% uptime guarantee, routine backups, etc.

There are two types of VPS hosting plans:

⦁ Pulsar ($ 14.88 / month)
⦁ Quasar (24.88 / month)

VPS hosting: up to 20% off!

Dedicated hosting

We know we need dedicated servers for large websites. With Namecheap's dedicated hosting plan, you get features like a dedicated data center with all servers, powerful Intel processors, and much more.
Click hereto learn more about Namecheap's dedicated hosting plan.

Free migration and SSL certificate

Many websites charge extra money for the migration feature, but Namecheap offers their customers a free migration feature. You can transfer your website to another web hosting service without being charged. Namecheap also provides free SSL certificates for your website. It is very useful to have an SSL certificate for your website security and for gaining the trust of visitors.

Website builder

Namecheap offers its customers a website builder function. This feature allows you to create your own website without any technical or HTML programming knowledge. You can also use Namecheap's 200+ templates to build your website. The Website Builder feature also supports social media, payment options, Vedio content, 45+ languages ​​and much more.

Benefits of

Cheapest starting plan

Namecheap is very popular for its cheap and best services. It offers starting plan in just one price of pizza.
For a web hosting service, you only have to pay $ 2.88 per month and can host up to three websites. You also get a free domain name with Namecheap's web hosting plan. Click here for a discount on Namecheap's domain name or web hosting plan.

User-friendly control panel

Namecheap hosting plans use cPanel which makes it easy to use. There are many good features for using cPanel like -

  • It makes graphical interface easy to use
  • Easy file management
  • Easy to set up and use email
  • You can also easily manage your database with cPanel
  • very easy backup access

Easy WordPress setup

You can install WordPress very easily with just a few clicks. This feature of Namecheap is very helpful to the users. It also prevents you from making mistakes. It also saves time and effort.
This feature allows you to install WordPress without any technical and HTML coding knowledge.

Free CDN service

CDN provides instant website content to visitors who land on your website. Free premium features like CDN make the best web hosting company. You can easily speed up your website with EasyWP's free CDN feature.
You can add CDN to your domain with just a few clicks. This is a very simple process.

Functions of CDN are -

  • Real-time analysis
  • Next generation HTTP / 2 support.
  • 45 high-performance server locations.
  • Global website performance monitoring.
  • Web app firewalls for advanced attack protection.
  • Free dedicated SSL for paid plans.

Bitcoin payment method

There are very few web hosting services that accept Bitcoin payments. You can pay your bills at Namecheap using the Bitcoine payment method. We're not promoting Bitcoin payment, but it's a good technological incentive.

Excellent customer reviews

We know customers don't have time to rate a company with positive reviews; customers rated the Namecheap services and their web hosting plans and support a 4.6. customers are satisfied with the service and this is very important to both any business and their customers.

30 day money back guarantee

Yes, offers its users a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can request a refund after purchasing a package from If you take a few steps and answer a few questions, you will be eligible for a refund.

Cons of

  • No cloudflare for common plan.
  • No free SSL certificate for shared plan.
  • Lack of telephone support