Most of the people in Ireland are blonde



Dr. Akram, how do blonde dyes sell in your range compared to other hair colors?

40 percent of women want light, bright hair color. Lighteners are particularly popular with customers: the “Extreme Brightener” from Schwarzkopf Blonde is the top-selling product in the entire coloration market.

What is the attraction of blonde hair?

Blonde woman's hair has always been a great fascination. It is said that blond people have an easier life. The color blonde triggers positive associations such as: trustworthy, honest, pleasant, tender, friendly.

Who is the typical customer for blonde dyes?

The typical buyer of a coloration is 45 to 60 years old, at this age women often color their first gray hair. However, there are also often significantly younger women among the customers of bleaching and highlighting products. The users generally want fresh, radiant and attractive hair color. Blonde flatters, makes the complexion look fresher and the facial features look softer.

What image do you want to convey to blonde women?

The blondes cannot be reduced to any pattern. There is a calm Claudia Schiffer or a graceful Nadja Auermann as well as a dynamic Heidi Klum or like the model Agyness Deyn with her lady-punk look.

Are men grouchy about hair coloring?

For a long time the prejudice “You don't dye gray hair” persisted in the men's world. But today almost every third color is bought by men.


· The hypothesis of the anthropologist Peter Frost that blonde hair developed in the Ice Age as a feminine answer to the shortage of men is untenable.

· The light hair colors red and blonde are probably an adaptation to the latitudes where Europeans live, and a concomitant phenomenon of light skin.



Article by the anthropologist who sees blond hair as a result of the shortage of men at the end of the last ice age: Peter Frost EUROPEAN HAIR AND EYE COLOR: A CASE OF FREQUENCY-DEPENDENT SEXUAL SELECTION? In: Evolution and Human Behavior, Vol. 27 (2006), pp. 85-103


Website of Jonathan Rees, who identified the defective melanocortin-1 receptor as the cause of the red hair color:

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July 21, 2009