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Where can I find a Harz fox?

You play it safe with a dog from the "Working Group for Breeding Old German Herding Dogs", or AAH for short. A group of shepherds founded the AAH in 1989. This association has set itself the task of ensuring the survival of the old German herding dogs, including the Harz fox. If you are looking for an Old German Shepherd, whether a puppy or an adult animal, contact the AAH, which also runs a forum for puppy placement.

Even if they can be found in classifieds and Co. and it might seem tempting, especially since the Harzer Fuchs is not a breed recognized by the FCI: Do not buy a puppy without papers! There are many red dogs of the old German herding dog type, but there is much more behind targeted breeding: responsible health prophylaxis, a breeding goal oriented towards the original type and, above all, the certainty that the dog comes from old lines of the lofts to be preserved. All breeding animals that are approved by the AAH must first pass a breeding suitability test. It's not just about nature, health and physique: The old German herding dogs also have to pass a practical herding test. You can only support the preservation of the old German herding dogs with a puppy from a reputable breeder.

It may look different when looking for an older animal, but the same applies here: Do not rely on dubious information from sellers who want to increase the purchase price with the name "Harzer Fuchs". It is better to visit the regional animal welfare and see if a similar four-legged friend is waiting there for a new home.

We wish you a wonderful time with your redhead on four paws!