What's the first thing you remember

Translation of "what you remember" in Polish

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Then tell me everything what you remember about the moment ...
Powiedz mi wszystko, co pamiętasz od momentu twojej śmierci.
Tell me, what you remember.
Just tell us everything what you remember.
So the last one what you rememberis the night Mrs. Kerrigan died?
was in our apartment and everything what you remember and everything I'm supposed to remember never happened?
Vszystko co pamiętasz i wszystko co ja powinienem pamiętać tak na prawdę nigdy się never zdarzyło?
What do you rememberwhat you tell everyone will determine the rest of your life.
To, co pamiętasz i co powiesz innym, zaważy na całej reszcie twojego życia.
Tell me everything, what you remember.
That's all what you remember.
Tell me everything, what you remember.
Then tell them what you remember.
Tell me, what you remember.
And everything, what you rememberwhat Danny Hardmann did that evening.
Postaraj się tam napisać wszystko, co pamiętasz z tego, co tamtej nocy robił Danny Hardman.
Listen everything what you remember can help.
No matter what detail. Tell him what you remember.
Well and what's the first what you remember?
What was the last what you rememberbefore you woke up?
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