What is a safe school

Safe School - your knowledge portal for all aspects of safety and health promotion

The German Social Accident Insurance vividly presents the current safety standards of classrooms for the subject of sport and provides information on aspects of safe teaching organization.

The contents of the decree “Safety Promotion in School Sports” are incorporated into the “Safe School” in a virtually clear way in the sports and swimming pool. There is also information and aids for practice, for example on the alternative use of sports equipment, on the implementation of the content area "Wrestling and Fighting - Combat Sports" and on the fitness level of pupils in primary schools.

The safe school is presented as a learning and exercise space with a lot of information on the design of exercise, play and sports areas. Help for the professional evaluation of playgrounds and climbing facilities on the school premises or for the use of alternative seating in class can be found under the various start views.

The simple navigation makes it easy to enter the virtual buildings and outdoor play areas. Photos and illustrations bring the individual elements closer to the user and a meaningful link to the school sports portal of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is activated.

You can get to the Safe School via the homepage of the German Statutory Accident Insurance at www.sichere-schule.de.

Safe school

Quality criteria for the "safe school":

  • Reference work in occupational health and safety and in health promotion
  • Orientation for the future development of good healthy schools
  • Help to implement successful health management in schools
  • Understandable texts and content
  • Good pratice in words and pictures
  • Accessible design of the user interfaces
  • Modular structure and permanent development
  • Fast keyword search using an integrated search function
  • Each room can be downloaded as a pdf
  • Safety and health promoting teaching materials for teachers
  • Current target group-specific content (RISU NRW, safety promotion in school sports, etc.)

Safe gym

Here you come directly to the "safe gym".

Safe swimming pool

There you find:

  • All statutory accident insurance legislation
  • State-of-the-art quality of swimming pools and diving facilities
  • Information on chlorination processes for specialist staff for pool operators,
  • Risk assessments and operating instructions

For teachers, parents, those interested in swimming, swimming masters:

  • Aids for swimming, swimming badges, work cards, observation sheets, correction aids, good practice video sequences on all swimming styles, starts and turns.
  • Legal basis for giving swimming lessons in schools in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Framework training concept of the state for the qualification of teachers.

Here you come directly to the "safe swimming pool".