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Change - a constant companion

According to surveys, almost one in four people in Germany is unhappy at their job. Too much frustration can make you sick, so do something about it. With our interactive tool, you can find out which steps are necessary for changing jobs, where there are dangers and why it is still worth taking this route.

  1. Go or stay?

When a horse is dead, dismount and find a live one. This also applies to the job. But: How do you know when it is time for a career change? The first step is to take stock and find out how well the old job still suits you.

That helps: Can you imagine doing your current job unchanged in five years? Answer this question honestly, paying attention to how you feel. No matter how many sensible arguments there can be in favor of the job - if dissatisfaction, boredom and frustration become too great, it is time for a change.

Caution stumbling block! Some people have long known that their old job no longer makes them happy. But they are afraid of change and therefore always find new arguments to stay where they are. That can be dangerous. Because if you ignore the warning signs, there is a risk of chronic dissatisfaction, declining performance and possibly burn-out.

  1. I want to finally get started

Now you know what is NOT good for you. The next step is to fire off the starting gun for action yourself. It's not as easy as it sounds. Many people feel that they have to make a decision right now, but they don't know how to go about it.

That helps: create structures. Make a generous schedule for the next steps. Around three months should be planned for the reorientation, a decision is only due at the end.

Caution stumbling block! No or only unclear ideas fundamentally scare us. Therefore, the inner resistance to the change is probably growing now. But not knowing what you want is not an alibi for inaction!

  1. What can I, what do I really want?

Now the creative search begins: Instead of forcing a decision, we should now take a lot of time and calmly ask ourselves: What would I most like to do? What am i dreaming of What are my strengths?

That helps: Don't just think about what is already known. It is important to also allow the crazy and unfamiliar. It takes courage! But even seemingly absurd ideas sometimes contain options that we can actually implement. Sector Fachpersonal GmbH supports you in advising on your career choice.

Caution stumbling block! This process takes patience! Restless people now prefer to plunge into job exchanges and send masses of standard applications. Resist this urge. Otherwise, you might end up in a job that doesn't make you happy.

  1. What exactly is possible for me?

If you took the previous step seriously, now there are likely many options ahead of you. Some are easier to implement, others require more time and energy or are seemingly unrealistic. You should now pick out the most important ones.

That helps: Make a plan for every job, how you can actually achieve it and if you have a crazy idea close to your heart: Research thoroughly how it can be implemented. Perhaps this is not as absurd as it was initially thought.

Caution stumbling block: There is a risk that you will continue to come up with new ideas in a very creative way, but never become concrete. A job idea that you really want to implement needs clear outlines, otherwise it has no chance!

  1. What do I want to choose?

Have you really checked all of the options thoroughly? Have you done enough research and got a clear picture of it? Then the decision now has to be made: what is my dream job?

This helps: Make a list of the criteria that are particularly important to you in your new job. For example: finances, freedom, working hours, social interaction, security or reputation.

Caution stumbling block! So far everything has been gray theory. But what you do now will have consequences! If you decide for job A, you will do without jobs B and C. Here some people shy away and do not dare to implement what they have worked out so far.

  1. How do I get my dream job?

When you've decided on a job that you want with all your heart, you already have two important engines: determination and enthusiasm! Now it also takes energy and creativity to find a job.

That helps: It is particularly important now to look for a lot of contacts. The new job doesn't come by itself. Don't be afraid to speak to people and companies and apply proactively. Get help and advice from Sector Fachpersonal GmbH.

Caution stumbling block! This is exactly what is difficult for many. They prefer to wait for the right job advertisement because they don't dare to simply seek contact. But that is the strategy from the day before yesterday! Even if it is difficult: We should knock on doors if we are not sure whether someone will open it.

  1. Now I'm starting:

It's done - the search and the work have paid off and you are finally starting your new job! Maybe it won't turn out exactly as you imagined. You may experience one or two disappointments. It often takes a while to really get used to the new situation.

But once you have managed to reinvent yourself, it is very likely that change will be a constant companion - and you are well equipped for the challenges of your further professional path!

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Mathias Klocke