Which program creates DXF files


Drawing Exchange Format file

Category: 2D / 3D and CAD formats

dxf stands for Drawing Exchange Format File and is an exchange format for CAD data. This format developed by Autodesk was introduced with the CAD program AutoCAD. In principle, DXF has a very simple structure, is also open-source and quite well documented. That is why dxf is still a frequently used data format for cross-platform data exchange today.

Unfortunately, with almost every new version of Autocad, Autodesk also changes the dxf format. It can therefore happen that you cannot process newer dxf files easily with third-party software or a converter and you have to wait for the software to be adapted.

In addition to 2D data such as lines, circles or splines, dxf files can also contain 3D data. Since AutoCAD Version 10, AutoCAD supports a binary variant of the dxf format in addition to the old ASCII. Unfortunately, newer, more complex object types that were introduced in AutoCAD were no longer or only partially documented. This fact hinders the support of the dxf format in other CAD programs.

In addition to many CAD and drawing programs, some 3D applications can also process dxf files. It should be noted that the many programs can only load dxf files up to a certain, unfortunately often unknown, version number.