Can hypnosis change your life?

Change your life with hypnosis

Hypnosis needs a keen sense. And Eva-Maria Janutin (54) has one of these. She runs a practice in Cham, Zurich, where she would like to help her clients. “But this only works if you want to do it yourself,” she clarifies, thereby also clarifying the question of whether anyone can be hypnotized. This only works if you want it yourself, Eva-Maria Janutin dispels the prejudices that hypnosis is hocus-pocus and can be used at will.

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Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation

Eva-Maria Janutin is a hypnotherapist at NGH VSH and explains how she goes about her daily work. “My clients use their imagination to build bridges and thus allow changes, as long as there is faith, will and trust. The fact that the success rate with hypnotherapy is quite high has to do with the fact that up to 90 percent of a person's life is controlled by the subconscious - whether you want to admit it or not. And this is exactly where hypnosis comes in by changing a stored event.

"Hypnosis is not hocus-pocus and only works if you want it yourself."

Make life worth living

Positive psychology is one of Evelyn Wenzel's main areas of work. In simple terms, positive psychology deals with the question of what makes life most worth living in. “One of the things I see as my job is to strengthen the five happiness factors,” says Evelyn Wenzel. She sees these happiness factors as impulses for more joy in life. This can also include devoting yourself to coaching from time to time - for example in a phase of professional reorientation in mid-life - which can help to strengthen the five happiness factors.

"You will be happy if you strengthen your happiness factors."

But who seeks advice from the two specialists? The range is very broad, says Eva-Maria Janutin. From A for alcohol cessation to Z for fear of the future, everything is represented. And Evelyn Wenzel adds that coaching in a reorientation phase in mid-life can help strengthen the five happiness factors. Eva-Maria Janutin naturally faces the challenge of the fact that the health insurance company is still unable to provide services in the field of hypnosis. "For me this means that I have to achieve good and measurable results."

The five happiness factors according to Evelyn Wenzel

  • Positive thoughts strengthen the attitude to life
  • Who do things withengagement is concerned, makes the so-called flow state possible
  • Good workinginterpersonal relationships give and support and security
  • Who oneMeaning in life thinks, feels happier
  • whoaims achieved, increases self-esteem and satisfaction

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