What is a copy

What is the difference between copy and duplicate?

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What is a copy?

The copy is generally an identical (identical), i.e. verbatim, reproduction of a document, especially in legal dealings with the officially or notarially confirmed reproduction of an original with the same name.

Who can get the original delivery note?

The original Your customer receives from the invoice block and can now conveniently transfer the invoice within a legally prescribed minimum period. You keep the copy. In this way, both sides are satisfied and the carbon copy rates meet the tax requirements on the corporate and private side.

Do I have the right to an invoice?

The BGH decided that a debtor or recipient of a service can withhold the payment owed until he receives a invoice had received. The prerequisite is that he has a claim on the issuance of a invoice Has.

How do I write a copy?

  1. Grammar noun (feminine) Genitive singular: Copy Nominative plural: Copies.
  2. Pronunciation.
  3. Word separation Ko-pie (computer generated)
  4. Origin Latin.
  5. Word formation with ›Copy‹As the last link: ↗File copy ... 11 more.

What does Wikipedia mean translated?

Surname. The name Wikipedia is a Box word consisting of "Wiki"And" Encyclopedia "(the English word for encyclopedia). The term "Wiki“Goes back to the Hawaiian word for 'fast'.

Are you obliged to issue an invoice?

When does one exist at all Obligation to issue a invoice? Every entrepreneur is obliged bills according to the requirements in §§ 14,14a UStG if he provides a domestic taxable service to another entrepreneur for his company or to a legal person.

What can you do if you don't get an invoice?

Actually is no bill is present or is the invoice cannot be found and it is not possible to get a duplicate from the dealer, the tax office will usually also accept replacement receipts. This is especially true if the invoice amounts are rather small.

When is an invoice considered accepted?

If you have an obviously wrong invoice initially pay without notice and then complain about something later, like that applies the invoice usually as accepted. ... For this reason, it is important that invoice always to be checked before payment and, if necessary, to lodge an objection.

What must everything be on a delivery note?

So a Delivery note as the basis for checking the incoming goods, you must provide important information:
  • Names of the supplier and recipient.
  • Order number / order name.
  • Date of order and delivery.
  • Quantity and description of the individual goods (packing list)
  • possibly individual prices of the goods.

What must be included in a delivery note?

Information Delivery note: What must stand on it?
  • Sender and recipient of the delivery.
  • Shipping date and delivery date.
  • a delivery note number and / or which invoice number it is referring to Delivery note relates.

Who issues a receipt?

According to Section 368 of the German Civil Code, every debtor of a service has the right to receive a receipt to obtain. This serves as evidence and proof that he has paid the claim. There represents always the payee the receipt out.

What documents must be submitted with the 2019 tax return?

These supporting documents you have to send it
  • Proof of a disability.
  • Donation receipts.
  • Certificates of wage replacement benefits (e.g. unemployment benefit, short-time work benefit, parental benefit)
  • Tax certificates for capital gains tax or interest discounts.
  • Certificate of creditable foreign taxes.