What is the official language of Hungary

Language in Hungary

Hungarian is considered the official language in Hungary. The Hungarian language is also common in Romania, Austria, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine. For German vacationers, language skills are an advantage, but not absolutely necessary.

Development and characteristics of the Hungarian language

The language in Hungary does not belong to the Indo-European language family and is distinguished from most European languages ​​by this feature alone. Hungarian is assigned to the Finno-Ugric languages, which in turn belong to the Urals language family. Other Finno-Ugric languages ​​are Finnish or Sami. More than 13 million people worldwide speak the Hungarian language, which is also one of the EU's official languages. There are several explanations about the origin of the language, although there is no precise definition. Over the centuries, Hungarian has been influenced by various languages ​​such as Latin, German and Turkish, and numerous loanwords from these languages ​​can also be found in Hungarian. The language in Hungary is often referred to as a difficult language by language students. In terms of grammar, pronunciation and writing, there are indeed some hurdles to overcome.

Hungarian on vacation?

The Hungarian population is hospitable and sociable, and people like to celebrate. A basic set of Hungarian words is therefore not wrong. The Hungarian language also presents a particular challenge in learning. Language trips to Hungary impart language skills and at the same time offer an eventful holiday. Language trips are organized in small groups so that it remains clear for the language teacher, who usually also acts as a tour guide. But even without knowledge of the Hungarian language, vacationers in the tourist strongholds on Lake Balaton and in the big cities can use German or English to communicate.

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