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1 Mar 2021

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There are so many programs currently available on the market that are supposed to protect your smartphone from prying eyes that it is not so easy to choose one that suits your own needs. LEO Privacy Guard is an application that is used to block other people from accessing your apps, no matter where you are.

The great advantage of LEO Privacy Guard is that you can create as many profiles as you want and activate them without even having to touch your device. For example, you can set your private WiFi network at home as the trigger for activating a certain profile so that the protection mode that you have linked to your in-house WiFi is activated as soon as you enter the house. With so many configuration options, your applications are protected anytime, anywhere.

The created profiles can be changed at any time, although it makes sense to define as many as possible, between which you can then switch back and forth - either manually, with just one click, or automatically. A switch gives you easy access to the complete list of all options, where you can, for example, set warning messages to ensure that nobody has tried to open anything while you are away. Make sure your password stays secret, as this is the only way to keep your conversations and documents safe.

In addition to the privacy protection function, LEO Privacy Guard also offers the option of uninstalling applications that may pose a risk to your device. In addition, the app lets you make a complete backup of important files and so you can restore everything should you ever lose something. With all these options, LEO Privacy Guard is an absolute must-have when it comes to smartphone security software.

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