Do you manipulate people a lot?

Skillfully use manipulation techniques.

Use of manipulation techniques

Manipulation techniques are used to persuade or convince others. Persuasion has a rather fleeting character; the other has let himself go and is forced to agree to the condition. If, on the other hand, you have convinced your counterpart, he has permanently changed his inner attitude to the subject of the conversation and is of the opinion that your suggestion is good and meaningful.

It also makes a difference whether the person being influenced is aware of this fact. If you know what you are doing, you can arm yourself and understand why you think what you think. But those who do not know that they are being influenced are first of all easier to influence and secondly they think they had the idea themselves. Here one speaks specifically of manipulation.

These techniques are often used in sales pitches or in advertising. For example, people should be persuaded to buy something or to take up a contract or membership.

But manipulation techniques are also used in professional life. When several people work together in one place, there are always different opinions on how best to get to a goal. If the decision is not made democratically, then it ultimately comes down to who has the better arguments and / or who has the best rhetorical skills. In the job interview you can see the use of stressful questions under this aspect - and if you know what the questions are actually aimed at, you can deal with them more confidently.