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Make music tangible

Janning Trumann

Photo: Patrick Essex

29 March 2018

Own labels are almost mandatory for young jazz musicians - improvised music in NRW 04/18

The swing is still twitching. Even with the younger generation of jazz musicians, in addition to the fusion of everything that sounds, hums or squeaks, there is still the ride on the cymbals, the feather-light walking double bass - what then moves over it in the so-called free improvisations, that must be today no longer roll in triplets and are phrased as difficult and easy as with the old masters. But this is still often taught, although instrumental lessons at universities, like mathematics, at some point had to go up to philosophy - many young jazz students appreciate less the instrumental skills of their mentors than the instructions on how to completely liberate their own creativity. That can certainly bear living fruit.

On the other hand, in addition to the dream come true, the ice-cold businessman is always in demand, seminars for self-marketing are also offered for this purpose, the man / woman himself is in the highly competitive music business. For agencies, the mediation effort in the art business is usually not worthwhile because the fees are very low and nothing gets stuck in the mere mediation. The growing popularity of free culture, i.e. concerts for free, moderately subsidized and never really on a free market, does not work into the pockets of the artists either.

Janning Trumann is a very active member of the Cologne jazz scene and as a trombone player and band leader he is really remarkable in the live business. For example, a year ago he played with his own band in New York at Carnegie Hall and later at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. In 2016 he won the competition of the International Trumpet Association named after the trombone icon J. J. Johnson and received a sponsorship award from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. And he serves ensembles from duos to big bands, the latter e.g. with the Subway Jazz Orchestra, the Cologne Contemperary Orchestra, Makkro or the Jazz Baltica Ensemble.

He now wants to “make music tangible” with his own label start and he means that very specifically, because Tangible Music is connected to a digital distributor that can sell his fresh creations in the highest quality in the audiophile environment via online distribution. The label founder admits that individual releases will also be available as classic CDs - for the jazz grandpas. At the start, two productions are “tangible” through a download, in the highest quality, recordings of different styles with quartet and trio, recordings of the Junning Trumann 6 project will follow in May.

Born in 1990 as a musician, trained in Hamburg and Cologne, he founded this plateau as a label for contemporary music. That makes a lot of sense, as nobody knows which train to jump on in the future or which direction should be explored independently. Trumann is somewhat reminiscent of the phenomenally nice and committed star trombonist Nils Wogram today: always on the ball, and you lead if possible. Those are the best prospects.

Janning Trumann 4 | Thu 17.5. 8.30 p.m. | Loft, Cologne | |

Olaf Weiden

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