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Yale ENTR offers intelligent access control for your smart home

Yale ENTR is an electronic locking cylinder that can be used completely autonomously. Because the Yale ENTR locking system works with battery operation and can therefore be used completely independently of smart home systems. However, the possibilities of this security technology can only be fully exploited in connection with a smart home solution. After all, you want to know who is at the door before you open the Bluetooth door lock using the smartphone app. An innogy SmartHome system with camera, for example, which also fully integrates the smart locking solution ENTR, provides suitable surveillance videos.


Electronic door lock Yale ENTR: remote control the door with your smartphone

Smart door lock: simply open the front door with your smartphone; if the front door is closed, it is automatically and securely locked

Yale ENTR enables much more differentiated access control for the smart home than would be possible with a conventional cylinder. Similar to a locking system, the ENTR Bluetooth door lock allows the use of several different, virtual keys that allow different people to open the door, for example via an app. In contrast to its metal counterpart, you can link the virtual key to a schedule so that selected people only have access to the apartment at certain times. This means that the cleaning lady can, for example, be allowed into the house every week, while tradespeople are only authorized to do repairs once.

If you use Yale ENTR, you don't have to worry about power outages

Like every electronic door lock, the intelligent locking cylinders are dependent on a reliable power supply. The security of the premises is always guaranteed and Yale ENTR users are no worse off, even in the event of a battery failure, than if they stood in front of their conventionally secured apartment door without a key.

First of all, the Smart Home locking solution has features that rule out such problems as much as possible. The power supply for the security technology is provided by an integrated rechargeable battery for the cylinder itself, and by standard batteries for the wall readers. When the charge status is low, the Bluetooth lock reminds you to connect the charger with warning tones each time the device is unlocked and locked, and with visual indicators.

Of course, there is still a residual risk that a Yale ENTR door lock cannot be opened in the normal way, for example using a remote control or app. However, this risk is even higher with a classic, mechanical cylinder if, for example, you close the door and have forgotten the key, lose it or break it in the lock due to an unfavorable circumstance.

The good news is: Due to the Yale ENTR installation on the inside of the door, the lock cylinder is exposed on the outside and is normally accessible. This enables mechanical unlocking with the associated key or by a locksmith.

Because the Yale ENTR locking cylinder is attached to the inside, a normal key can be used from the outside (ASSA ABLOY)

Installation and commissioning: Yale ENTR Bluetooth door lock

Different installation measures are necessary depending on the door and lock model. For details, see the manufacturer's Yale ENTR user guide. However, we have also summarized everything important for installation and commissioning in the short overview of the Yale ENTR user manual:

  1. Loosen and remove the forend screw. Then insert the key and remove the existing cylinder.
  2. Turn the knob of the lock cylinder to check whether the lock bit protrudes.
  3. Insert the ENTR cylinder into the door and fix it with the forend screw. Then test whether the knob can be turned without any problems.
  4. Attach the Yale ENTR magnet to the door frame two centimeters below the cylinder forend screw.
  5. Switch on the ENTR unit and keep the keypad pressed for 5 seconds to activate it. Tap on 'Code' and enter the preset number sequence 12345 #. A new PIN can then be assigned and confirmed with #.
  6. Then enter the new PIN a second time to secure it and confirm with #. Now select the cylinder position on the door. The 1 stands for left, the 3 for right.
  7. Do not open the door during calibration until the Cfg button flashes.
  8. Open the door and lean it against it. Then press the Cfg key. If the configuration was successful, you will hear two beeps. From now on, ENTR will automatically lock the door as soon as it is closed.


Which accessories are compatible with the ENTR door unit?

  • Yale ENTR door cylinder YA90
  • Yale ENTR remote control YA56700006.0000
  • Yale ENTR PIN code reader YA56700007.0000
  • Yale ENTR fingerprint reader YA56700008.0000
  • Yale ENTR wireless charger YAZU (ENTR Powerbank)
  • Yale ENTR Reset tool YAZU
  • Yale ENTR replacement magnet YAZU
  • Compensating plate YAZU
Up to 20 authorized users can be created for the Yale ENTR fingerprint reader (ASSA ABLOY)

Advantages of the Yale ENTR locking solution

  • easy to install retrofit solution
  • Automatic locking - all you need to do is pull the door shut
  • Lithium-ion batteries: Can be charged with the charger
Up to 20 handheld transmitters / remote controls can be linked to each Yale ENTR door unit (ASSA ABLOY)

Disadvantages of the Yale ENTR locking solution

  • Time delay when locking and unlocking of 2-3 seconds
  • Fingerprint and pin code reader must be purchased separately

Review: Reviews of Yale ENTR in comparison

  • Yale ENTR is one of theDoor lock recommendations 2018 from kriminalberatung.de
  • The simple installation and the quiet motor of the electronic door lock are praised at vernetzt-welt.com. On the other hand, the price-performance ratio is criticized.
  • Customers rated the Yale ENTR door lock set (with finger scan) on Amazon4.1 out of 5 stars

Yale ENTR Conclusion: This electric door lock makes everyday life easier

What we particularly liked about the Yale ENTR Bluetooth door lock is that it offers unusually versatile user interfaces, from the touchpad for entering a PIN to the dedicated hand-held transmitter, the smartphone app and the fingerprint scanner. With this intelligent security technology, access to the smart home is no longer a problem, even when your hands are full in front of your door. Children also benefit from the fingerscan function. Because forgotten keys are a thing of the past forever. Last but not least, it facilitates access control for relatives, craftsmen or other occasional visitors. Most innogy SmartHome owners can, however, exploit the potential of Yale ENTR, which connects the electric door lock with a surveillance camera.

Technical data - Yale ENTR door unit YA95001026.0000

  • Size: 150 x 55 x 54 mm
  • Weight: 380 g
  • Communicates via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Battery operated - independent of the power grid and cables
  • Battery power: 7.4 V 2600 mAh
  • Charging voltage: 12 VDC at 1 A.
  • Operating temperature: -10 ° C ~ +50 ° C
  • with app control (for iOS from version 7 and Android from version 4.3)
  • 2.4 GHz communication frequency between the ENTR unit and accessories
  • Patented Euro profile cylinder with reversible key
Swipe from top to bottom in the Yale app - the Yale ENTR Bluetooth door lock is open (ASSA ABLOY)

Prices and availability: YALE ENTR locking solution

The electronic locking system is not available on the Yale manufacturer's website, but only in various online shops, the prices of which vary greatly depending on the size of the starter set selected.

Smart door lock: simply open the front door with your smartphone; if the front door is closed, it is automatically and securely locked

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