What does it mean to wake up at 222

German dictionary by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm (¹DWB)

expergisci, awakening, nnl.opwaken. Both, waking up and waking up, are almost the same thing for us, just as they pile up in awakening; but waking up says more to common linguistic usage, and waking up sounds more educated, genteel. A mother will not easily say that the child has woken up, but woke up. from a heavy dream, from which noises wake up. because now Jacob woke up from his sleep. 1 Mos. 28:16; but he wakes up from his sleep. jud. 16, 14; wake up drunk and weep. Joel1, 5; and when you are pure and from, he will wake up to you (vulg.evigilabit ad te). Job8, 6. It's hot anyway, and waking up a little earlier than about, through, sometimes something: Kronhelm heard her voice early in the house and woke up at it. MillersSiegw.2, 246. instead of waking up for or to something, to live another, to wake up to immortality, Klopstock uses the mere dative:

yes with our dust, which one day wakes up to immortality.

Mess. 11, 1240.

Figuratively, the soul, as it sleeps, wakes up: the soul Albanos has now woken up with all holy powers. J. Paul Titles 2, 69; but now too much had woken up in Albano (got excited). 1.56; wake up my honor, wake up psaltery and harp! ps.57, 9; the people wake up; woke up peoples. Hesp. 2, 222; Albano and Liane came before a view where the moon woke up (aufgieng). Tit.2, 244, which is unusual to say. Dormant, hidden passions awaken; an insatiable avarice had awakened in him; waking up needs. Gotter3, 465; waking up pain. Felsenb.2,92; the old damage on my chest seemed to wake up, I coughed violently. Göthe19, 349; old debts wake up; soon ending 1569 year i. f. g. guilt woke up, that it was reminded in all places. Schweinichen1, 61; the princely debt system has woken up this year very much. 1, 67. When Opitz3, 306 says:

an awakened heart and a wonderful mind

Desires to be praised by the honored hand,

so you can wake up for the part. watch from waking up; but others show that he forms it from to wake up and writes for it to wake up. see wake up.