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Review Ram 1500 Laramie Sport (2020): #Truckyeah or Big Trouble?

What's this?

The newest Ram 1500. Have you already recognized it yourself, right? And you are probably wondering why we are only now around the corner with the test of Trumms. In the USA, the completely redesigned, significantly lighter truck with the narrow bedroom-view headlights has been around for almost two years.

Well, this is a brand new and very special version of the 1500. Officially, this vehicle is called AEC Ram 1500 Laramie Sport. It was invented by the wholesale importer AEC and that specifically for the needs of German / European customers. The "Sport" was always the most popular Ram model there because it offered a comparatively large amount of equipment, but at the same time largely dispensed with fancy knick-knacks and could therefore be offered at extremely favorable prices.

Ram in rather crazy

The problem: So far there has been no "sport" for the new model, the Ram DT. So in Canada, yes, but that doesn't necessarily help you now. Reason enough for AEC to tap into the large Ram construction kit, to assemble a suitable model as it were "custom" and to pack a reasonable warranty on top of it. You can get the new Laramie Sport from the company's 37 German dealers.

What can sport do that others cannot?

It is based on the basic "Laramie" equipment and combines this with a significantly more gaudy appearance. As if a 5.92-meter-long, 2.08-meter-wide pickup weren't smart enough. The so-called Sport Appearance Package includes aprons and mirrors painted in the vehicle color, special 20-inch models and a more brutal bonnet with black and bold air inlets Hemi- Attachment left and right of the indicated power dome. After all, everyone should and should know that eight cylinders are still proud of their mischief here.

The good old five-sevens should be well known. Here, too, it transmits 401 hp and 556 Nm to two or four wheels (depending on the driving mode) via a ZF eight-speed automatic. Here, too, due to the vehicle weight of 2.5 tonnes, he likes to sniff a lot, which AEC knows how to mitigate on request with an LPG system specially developed with Prins. So less the thirst, but the price of the bill. The 122-liter gas tank sits where the spare wheel once slouched and further reduces the rather manageable ground clearance of 210 millimeters. However, according to AEC, the conversion pays off after 30,000 kilometers, despite costs of around 5,000 euros. I am told that 70 percent of customers would order the part. Probably also due to the combined range of up to 1,000 kilometers.

The "equipment reduced to the bare minimum" seems like the opposite to me when I look at the brochure, but it simply means doing without expensive frills such as an air suspension, a heated rear seat, a panoramic sliding roof or electric running boards. AEC has fixed, but longer entry planks. Helps if you ever have to fish something out of the farthest corner of the loading area. Other importer bonuses are a reasonable load compartment tray as well as underbody protection and cavity sealing.

A trailer coupling is of course also standard. Incidentally, the Laramie Sport can take up to 3,500 kilos on the hook. Depending on the model, there are sometimes significantly more in the USA, but so be the case. The payload on both sides is 1,000 kilos.

That was a lot of information. Can we finally hear it driving now?

Compared to its predecessor, which we were able to test as a shorter Single Cab in 2015, it is noticeable that, even with the steel chassis, it springs much more smoothly, lies more quietly and, overall, drives much more smoothly. Almost 100 kilos could be saved by using high-strength steels. I imagine that you can tell. The steering feel and the tendency to roll also seem closer to a normal car. Everything within the scope of the possible, of course. Even with the 2020 Ram 1500, there is never any question of what a monster you are conducting.

Nonetheless, even an inexperienced driver no longer has to despair of the dimensions, everything is relatively easy and not at all that undynamic. The limiting factor is more the tires. Of course you will curse if you have to look for a parking space or maneuver in the city center, but the parking beeper and reversing camera help just like the blind spot warning, which also works with trailers up to 12 meters long.

More than ever, the fat man is recommended as the ultimate travel and long-distance mobile home (at this point we simply ignore his horrific drinking habits). You can hardly be more relaxed thanks to the smooth running of the 3.67 meter wheelbase, the cozy armchair and the calm, good-natured bubbling elemental force of the Hemi-V8.

The engine itself proves to be an oldie but goldie once more. In view of the mass to be moved, the start surprises with every step on the accelerator pedal. Power is really in abundance. All this relaxed and competently conducted by the ZF eight-speed box and accompanied by a wonderfully subtle but full eight-cylinder note, which largely disappears in the background when cruising. If you find that your truck can use a little more rock'n'roll in the exhaust track, then AEC will also install a NAP sports exhaust on request.

How is he inside?

In all respects huge, pleasingly feudal and technologically absolutely fine. The space available in the Crew Cab has the format of a warehouse in all places. Please make a note of exactly where you put your children, not that you won't find them afterwards. At the front, it is above all the immense width with the massive center console that makes the Ram 1500 so different from smaller trucks such as a Ford Ranger or Mitsubishi L200. The loading area measures 1.71 meters in length and 1.69 in width. The width between the wheelhouses is 1.30 meters.

It feels like the quality impression improves from year to year. There really is no longer any reason to complain. The instruments are lovingly designed and exude tough industrial flair. You'd like to start chopping wood or building something huge out of steel right away.

In the middle you are literally struck by the new 12-inch infotainment screen. He also uses FCA's UConnect, so if you've ever had the pleasure of driving a Fiat or Jeep, you should find your way around quickly. The screen is divisible, so it can, for example, show the navigation at the top and the air conditioning at the bottom. For the latter, however, there are also real buttons. Personally, I get along relatively well with the system. Some others criticize the sometimes confusing menu control, but on the whole there are many far weaker solutions on the market.

A pretty cool gimmick left and right in front of the folding back seat are the two "beer compartments" (name changed by the editorial team). Of course, there are also all kinds of odds and ends like cables, tools or toys, but for that real southern flair, please fill it with ice cream and stuff it with barley juice. Then pack the grill on the loading area and the party starts whenever and wherever you want.

Should i buy it?

Anyone who is interested in a Ram 1500 in this country usually no longer needs to be really convinced. He knows what he's doing and what he's getting into. Comparing this vehicle with anything that German manufacturers offer is relatively pointless anyway.

AEC is offering this monumental overall package for a good 60,000 euros and not only when looking at the few German SUVs that are more than 5 meters in length you have to attest: You can't get more cars for the money.

Arguments like "much too big and bulky and thirsty for our infrastructure" do not play a role for the Ram clientele. All the rest - the great V8, the great comfort, the enormous practicality and the now really good interior - the customers of the latest model can really look forward to.

Conclusion: 8/10

Picture gallery: RAM 1500 Laramie (2020) in the test

Specifications and price Ram 1500 Laramie Sport 2020

Rear-wheel drive with selectable all-wheel drive
Transmission type: 8-speed automatic
Output (295 kW) 401 hp at 5,600 rpm
Max torque556 at 3,950 rpm
Acceleration 0-100 km / h about 7 seconds
Top speed 179 km / h (electronically limited)
Ground clearance 210 mm at the front; 220 mm at the back
Consumption Standard consumption: 15.6 liters; Test consumption: 18.2 liters
Base price around 60,000 euros