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What are mineral or Schuessler salts?

Systematic intake of mineral salts can alleviate many diseases
Mineral salts are vital for our body because they serve to maintain life processes. They perform important tasks in different tissues and organs in our body. You are e.g. B. indispensable for building cell structures and for conveying information processes from cell to cell. They are also needed to control many biochemical processes.

The systematic supply of mineral salts can alleviate many diseases (which can be traced back to a disruption of the mineral balance). Compared to coarse mineral salts, homeopathically prepared mineral salts have proven to be significantly more effective. On the one hand, they supply the organism with tiny salt particles, which are essential for many functions and which it can utilize optimally. On the other hand, they trigger healing reactions in the body, which distinguishes the Schüßler therapy from all other mineral salt therapies. Schüßler salts can set powerful impulses for self-healing and gently and gently help the body to help itself.

Schuessler salts = miracle cure?

A pinch of salt and the ailments are forgotten? Unfortunately, the principle doesn't work that simple. The Schüßler salts are used depending on the symptoms and composition in such a way that they slow down or accelerate metabolic processes in the organism. They also help the body make better use of the salts it consumes through food. The Schuessler salts are of course not a miracle cure that can cure serious illnesses overnight, but the effect has been tried and tested on many symptoms.

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