Are atheists narcissistic

From narcissism of atheism

With many atheists one would find an "irrational, uncontrolled affectivity", said Bonelli to the Swiss newspaper "Tages-Anzeiger". It is the basis for a "diffuse hostility to religion" in everyday life. You ensure that many atheists are already upset about a Jesus poster.

Three narcissistic insults from the atheist

Bonelli sees the cause of this aggressive attitude in three narcissistic insults of many atheists. One is the fact that God is still not dead. Contrary to what the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) claimed, religions would flourish worldwide. The atheist cannot accept that every human being has a "natural religiosity".

The second offense relates to morality. Alternative ethical offers are arbitrary, while the monotheistic religions show man's guilt with commandments and duties. "It offends the atheists not to be infallible and to have to answer."

The third offense is that an atheist wants to reject the reality of God on the one hand. At the same time he longs for the security that a belief in God offers. "The hurt is to be ungodly when one unconsciously longs for transcendence."

Sensitivity for the religious is inscribed in the human being

As Botello added, more and more of his colleagues are finding that there is a natural religiosity in every human being. "Today we know from many scientific studies that belief is good for people because it is in keeping with people." As he noted, however, it was never "in" to give oneself completely to God. "Man always wrestles with whether he humbly fits into creation as a creature or whether he wants to play God himself."

Raphael Bonelli is a specialist in psychiatry, psychotherapeutic medicine and neurology in Vienna. He has headed the neuropsychiatric research group at the private Sigmund Freud University since 2011. You can read the full interview at "". (Per)