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Lab VLSI Processor Design

VLSI Processor Design consultation for design groups from previous semesters while TU Dresden remains closed

While TU Dresden remains closed, consultations for VLSI Processor Design are held online in the ZIH video conference system Matrix / Jitsi with optional screen sharing. You can access the system via https://matrix.tu-dresden.de using your ZIH login data. Please try to check if audio, video and screensharing are working for you with fellow students before using consultation. In the current semester you may use the consultation times of this semester's VLSI processor design lab. During consultation times ( Tutorial + Practical Lab times see: course schedule ) we are using the Matrix Room "VLSI Processor Design SS2021" (accessible via "Explore") as virtual waiting room for consultation calls. We will then invite Virtual room members in order they entered the room to an individual consultation room with a lab supervisor and "kick" them out of the waiting room. If you intend to have a consultation call together with members of your project team, please write a message stating with whom you want to have a call together in the waiting room. Then all of you will be invited together. When invited to the separate consultation room please follow the invitation. You will find a "Jitsi" video conference plugin at the top of the page for this room, please click there to join the conference. After the video conference we will "kick" you (this is, how it is called in the matrix system) out of the consultation room. Please only join the waiting room during consultation time slots and when you have questions. We will typically "kick" people out of the room before a consultation time slot to prevent waiting for people who joined earlier in the week and who are currently not online.

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