What obscure bands do you like

Devin Townsend

The good man with the outgoing hair rolls over himself with a wealth of ideas. His music is a hyperactive bundle of energy from 1001 styles of music within rock and pop music. In addition, he finally achieved the success that was born for this fantastic work. That was not always so. Devin is a rascal and prankster who gives journalists the right answers with stupid questions (and bad English - arrogant as he is). That's why I held back and gave him more bullet points, which he answered as follows:

ragazzi:"Which was your first instrument and how did you get to the others? Which do you prefer?"
Devin:"My first instrument was the piano and I started playing the guitar. I was obsessed to a degree with what now puzzles me. I prefer guitar and vocals. I like keyboards, but they're like video games and it's better when someone else plays it. "
ragazzi:"Your songs sound very self-willed, in an obscure mix of different styles of popular metal. Can you give us your important comments on these topics:
Elvis Presley"
Devin:"I don't like him. It couldn't be more blasphemous. He was a child of his time and it wasn't my time. I'm sure he was very nice. He had a big head. Stubborn people are actually always very nice. "
Devin:"The Beatles are wonderful. They made the best of pure pop music. Like Them and Abba and some others I can't remember. They're a good example of a system that works."
ragazzi:"Frank Zappa"
Devin:"I'm familiar with a lot of people and musicians who are fans of him, who have his level of humor and confidence in their intellect. After working with Steve and some people like him, see I bring him as close to genius as a rock musician can be. "
ragazzi:"John Wrath"
Devin:"What I like about him is how he turns every project into something completely different and nobody seems to have a problem with it, that influences me. I haven't heard much about his music, I bought" Painkiller "once and I know which people are involved in it and can take it for what it is. "
Devin:“That was the first album I've seen with a 'warning!' Sticker on, which said the frequencies and the lows can destroy the speakers. I can listen to two or three tracks before I feel like they have someone clipped my balls in my face while pulling my toenails. It's a good thing I think. "
Devin:"I know what jazz is supposed to be. It's very mathematical and complicated. In this context, it makes perfect sense for aesthetes. My life is on a different path. It's amazing how I've done some things like that, without much to know about it. "
ragazzi:"Progressive Rock"
Devin:"Too much Deep Purple organ and loads of guitar solos, but I don't care."
ragazzi:"Psychedelic Rock"
Devin:"I like it, but I would do it in a whole new way. I think about what I would do. It doesn't have to be simple stoner rock, it can be really complicated stuff, made to get you on the trip . Cheers to psychedelia! "
ragazzi:"Power Metal"
Devin:"Listening to Power Metal is like staring at a bulldog: you know they can't bite and you can run away, but they look so damn muscular. That's what I think about Power Metal bands. They're not that bad, but they see funny. "
ragazzi:"Black Metal"
Devin:"If you think of Samael's" Passage "as Black Metal - it's one of the best Metal albums ever made as I see it. I like a lot of Black Metal, it's well produced and authentic. The cheesy stuff is like sugar and unfortunately more common than the good stuff - but I don't know much about it, I'm afraid. "
ragazzi:"Death Metal"
Devin:"I got into Death Metal late. I like the terrifying chorus changes, but I'm bored of the vocals."
ragazzi:"Grind Core"
Devin:"My favorites are disassociates and I think there is probably nothing more heavy aside from some industrial stuff. Watching Grind Core concerts is like going to the canteen of the first Star Wars movie. It's kind of oily - but in a good way. "
Devin:"I'm a real fan of the first Grotus album, which is called" Brown "because it sounds really rough. I owned an album by Nitzer Ebb that I loved for a while and I like obscure bands, but now I'm with Red Harvest that really amazes me. As well as Neurosis, which is a little more psychedelic or whatever, I think they found a really organic industrial sound, artistic in their own way. "
ragazzi:"Pop Music"
Devin:"I do my best: it's nice to hear and people think it's cool. Plus, there are some big, great videos in pop music."
ragazzi:"What do you like about music? And which music in particular?"
Devin:"I love haunting, sparkling, reflective, hot music - primarily dynamic, not necessarily just in the heavy metal tradition. I really love passionate voices and the way music reminds you of things. It's fantastic to have a soundtrack for life, and it is great that you can choose it yourself. "
ragazzi:"Tell us about your musical influences"
Devin:"I try to cover a wide, good range. There is a lot of music that I like - jazz is one of it - and some that I will never like - country for example. I think having the opportunity to share my ideas with that." from parts of the global music world are influenced, expressed in a way that listeners can pick it up better than myself. It's a game. Oops, I've lost the thread ... "
ragazzi:"How did you get into music? Tell us about your musical career and the musicians you play with."
Devin:"I've played with a lot of musicians since I started in my neighborhood when I was 13. It became an obsession to play heavy music, it was the right time to do it. Now I'm trying to let the flow of things happen "It's really great. I've played with Steve Vai and the Wildhearts, Strapping Young Lad and various other Devin Townsend projects. I've done a trillion things and one pissy little thing on the side."
ragazzi:"How did it come about that your older records were re-released last year?"
Devin:"My old label went down the drain, that's the easiest answer. My new label, InsideOut, took it and put it back out."
ragazzi:"Tell us about adventures that you experienced on tour. For example with Steve Vai."
Devin:"Oh god! I'll admit that I farted around with a fire extinguisher on stage on tour in Germany and people started gagging because it was a chemical and not a water extinguisher. Then I was so crazy I got behind." the stage was on and I grabbed the first bag I saw. I knocked it around, threw it around - it was a black rubbish bag. Later on on the tour bus, the manager met me with a scared look and said, "Don't you talk to Steve. He's in the worst mood I've ever seen in him. Someone threw their bag with their favorite shoes in the trash ". One more strike and I would have been fired that evening."
ragazzi:"How much does drummer Gene Hoglan eat (kg) on ​​tour? Has it anything to do with his brilliant drumming?"
Devin:"10 trillion kilograms. And he'll come to your house and punch you in the face for that question. He just puffed his stomach for the opportunity. Don't make fat drummers wild. It doesn't matter how much he eats. He. He." can do anything, with or without food, only the eyes don't have the same sparkle. "
ragazzi:"Which drugs do you prefer?"
Devin:"Marijuana, by all means. Oh, Epival, Zyprexa and Wellbutrin have the same effect. Like coffee with sugar in the morning. Alcohol occasionally. But I am an athlete and don't take Nyquil."
ragazzi:"Sexual Preferences?"
Devin:"DT: I'm trisexual. I try everything. (I´ll try anything.) Badoom ching!"
ragazzi:"Are you an exhibitionist and if so, why?"
Devin:"I try to get attention, then I have attention and I say," oh, I don't mean that. How do you like me with pants on, hmmm? ""
ragazzi:"Why are your genitals on your naked body not shown on the" Infinity "CD? Do you hate them?"
Devin:"At first I wanted to, but then I thought it would only distract from the music. Make a hole in the booklet, put a Wiener through and you can see what it looks like. Especially my little turtle head."
ragazzi:"Future plans?"
Devin:"I'll keep making music, giving concerts and writing whatever music. Let's see how it comes."