What guitars does Dream Theater use

Now, six months later, Dream Theaters can let go of the first sigh of relief. The band has sold shiploads of "6 Degrees" worldwide and is on the most successful tour in their 16-year history. Dream Theater fans know that the band and their virtuoso guitarist / songwriter John Petrucci built a long and successful career by continually breaking convention.
“The response to our new record has been amazing,” confirms Petrucci. “Of course we're not exactly the kind of band that gets played on the radio. But because of the incredible support from our fans, we are now the top act in arenas with 10,000 seats ... We are of course delighted about that. I see a lot of kids in our shows, which is of course very encouraging. So it is after all these years and we are still growing. "
One only has to listen briefly to "6 Degrees" to understand the reasons for their growing popularity. The record is a mixture of heavy guitar music, progressive rock, weird time signatures and grandiose melodic movements. This makes it one of the most ambitious releases by

Dream theater for years. In a way, it is reminiscent of modern bands like Radiohead and classic bands like Pink Floyd at the same time. Guitar fans will have their mouths open when they hear Petrucci's incredible technique and melodic brilliance - the skills that Petrucci predestined for the recent G3 tour with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. “The G3 has an entirely different audience than Dream Theater,” comments Petrucci. "First and foremost, it's not that hard-core or 'heavy'. Of course there are a lot of musicians in the audience ... a lot of people who play themselves. On stage with Steve and Joe, you're just surrounded by great musicians. That's what I enjoy very much. "
Petrucci's impressive G3 performance even resulted in a solo record. “When I was doing G3 last summer, of course I had to write music first,” he recalls. “And during the tour everyone asked if it wasn't available on CD. So I thought it was time to do a solo album. Dave LaRue on bass and Dave DiCenso on drums ... it's just an amazing trio. "