How do I marry a bowsette

Retro puzzle revealed in Super Mario 64: That's what the plumber calls in the fight against Bowser

"So long, gay bowser!" shouted Mario as he grabbed the Koopa King by the tail and threw him against a mine ... at least that's what fans thought for years. The running gag out Super mario 64 came about because nobody really understood what the bearded plumber was calling exactly.

Now the voice of Mario, Luigi and other Nintendo characters spoke up. Charles Martinet is the voice actor behind the Italian plumber and on Twitter he reveals what Mario really shouts in the fight against Bowser: "So long, kinga Bowser!"

So now it's official: Mario never offended the Koopa King. Even with this information, it's hard to properly hear the saying in the Nintendo 64 game. After all, some fans have long since got used to the running gag.

Fans, Nintendo Characters, and Sexuality

Whether Bowser is still homosexual remains unlikely. After all, the Koopa King had kidnapped the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom for decades. He shows no signs of fatigue. In Super Mario Odyssey he even wanted to marry Peach. Also, there would be his son Bowser Jr ...

Some fans seem particularly interested in the sexuality of Nintendo characters.Most recently it was assumed that Luigi was transgender. Bowsette, the merger of Bowser and Peach, also quickly became an internet meme.

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