What is the nickname of Indiana

Why does Henry Jones Jr. use the nickname Indiana?

This last clip from The Last Crusade says it all.

I have many fond memories of this dog.


At the beginning of the film we see Indiana Jones was a teenager and his fellow Scout calls him "Indiana". Perhaps, as a supposed only child with a strict father, his best friend was his dog Indiana, and when he died he decided the best remembering thing was to take the name for himself.


Indiana Jones likes dates.


Or maybe he liked the way his father treated Indiana (the dog) better than the way he treated him as a junior, so he wanted to be treated as Indiana.

Olivier Dulac

@Bergi well, he fetches a lot (of artifacts) ^^ (which is probably also an unconscious way to be better loved by his father "obsessed with ancient history and artifacts" ...)


Does it answer the question why he uses that nickname? I have fond memories of my pets and I don't use their names. Plus, as a teenager, at the start of the last crusade, he already mentioned Indiana by his friend, and the dog is still alive.


@Neow That must have been a confusing household with the child and the dog named alike. Yes, maybe the father never called Junior by his 'self-chosen' nickname (pun intended), but what about his friends? If Junior brought the dog to hang out and someone said "Indiana!" Screamed, both would answer. The picture is kind of funny now that I think about it.


@OlivierDulac dogs also pick up things: p