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UPI's experience with companies and products: Recommendations and warnings

Market competition works well when information about the individual companies is available and can be compared. Over the years, our institute has been able to gain experience with a wide variety of companies, both good and bad. With this page we also want to contribute a little to this competition by simply sharing particularly outstanding experiences with individual products or companies that might be of value to others. The list does not claim to be exhaustive, we have only included experiences that are particularly out of the ordinary, both positive and negative.

Computer: Before purchasing new hardware or software, one often looks at tests in computer magazines, of which there are now a large number. We often found that almost all of the products in a product test were rated "good" or "very good", although we sometimes had completely different experiences with them. Individual PC magazines even pretend that they have done a test and simply compile a table with manufacturer information.

The notable exception is the computer magazine c´twhich carries out its own extensive tests and, based on our experience, applies comparatively strict and consumer-friendly criteria.

We had bad experiences with products (sub-notebook and monitor) and especially with the company's support Sony. The same goes for the company IBM. Their hard drives of the DTLA family have an extremely short lifespan, which caused us a lot of stress. As we read later at heise-online, company-internal documents show that those responsible for the company have deliberately sold faulty drives without any indication of the risk of data loss.

In contrast, our experience with TFT displays and cell phones from the company has been very good Samsung.

Internet security: Various dangers lurk on the Internet. In order to protect your PC from viruses, Trojan horses and dialers, it makes the most sense to deactivate ActiveX, Javascript and file downloads in your browser. These techniques can be used to secretly install unwanted third-party programs on your PC. More information on deactivation can be found on the following pages: Computer magazine ct and Dialerschutz.

For this reason, it is no longer advisable for website programmers to use ActiveX and Javascript, since otherwise their pages could no longer or no longer be viewed in full by more and more security-conscious users.